19. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

God’s Blessings for Mankind, God’s Omnipresence is 
proverbially expressed, because truly: The Creator is one with 
His creations in time and space und beyond that. Do not be afraid!
Now everything appears that has been invisibly embedded 
between the brickwork.

The rottenness, the mold, the deposits from many epochs, 
the dark that has established itself on earth, will now be removed. 
The comprehensive revitalization of human Beings and human 
society brings forth many phenomena which call forth awe in 
you and also activate fears, fears that you thought were long 
overcome – and due to the uncertainty that now comes alive 
in many human Beings, fears are strengthened and aroused.
Therefore I say to you, remain steady as a rock in your decisions. 

Renounce to adulate the “golden calves” of this time 
solely so you can cover up your fears and suppress 
your uncertainty. 

Face unconditionally all feelings, sensations, thoughts and 
emotions, all concepts, which your mind gives cheers to; 
and examine these for their true content. Today it is necessary 
more than ever to be wide-awake in every second of your life, 
consciously recognize what is and not let yourself be intimidated 
by anything or anybody. 

Sovereign is he, who knows about the true state of things 
and events beyond all propaganda; and not he, whose 
certainty unravels into stagger in the first wind; whereby 
the anxiety creeps into Being, like a thief, who attains entry 
into the house in the middle of the night. 

Remain centered in Self, anchor yourself in your assignments, 
then the streams of water of this time, the streams of cleansing, 
which bury much under them, will pass you by without a trace, 
because you stepped out of this timeline due to your fully 
awakened awareness.

Arise you Gods,
The time for being human is now over.
He who today incorporates fears and retains them 
can hardly go on into the Light.
He who once again swallows the bait of the old players 
of time remains himself a player in the game that he 
wanted to leave.

Praise the ONE GOD.

Never neglect prayer, never neglect the devotion 
to the wellspring of all Being. Always carry God’s word 
on your lips and in your heart, because thereby you lift 
your vibration way beyond the magnetic fields that are 
still active now. 

Exaltation means to exalt self and not wait until 
somebody else exalts me. 

Arise over all fears und worries, because it is certain:
The old brickwork of this world is now set into sand and 
everything that became sand and can no longer be used 
for building is now being destroyed in order to attain new 
form beyond this world. God is great, I say to you: 
All of us are in HIM.

A human Being can barely understand this, 
recognizing it more so – yet experience brings 
the great turnaround.

Ask for it and it is given.
God comes to you because each human Being 
at his right time will be granted the experience of God.
The Masters know it, human Beings guess it and all life 
consciously or unconsciously live in His reality.

Bridge over this time by getting closer to divinity, 
until you are capable to perceive His Light as omnipresent, 
then you truly have no more fears and a deep certitude 
spreads out inside of you.
Now we leave time and space behind us.
The fears disappear because the Light prevails, 
the incertitude becomes certitude, because you recognize 
that upper becomes lower so that the new order may reveal itself.

God comes to every human Being until everybody enters into the 
beatitude of the Father in Heaven and comes into the arms of 
the heavenly Mother. 

Pray, love and live.
Everything is given to you. 

Be whole in all, thereby you will fully save everything. 
Look at it and become familiar with your last anxieties
– thereby the prime trust returns, then your wholeness returns, 
then you return to your ancestral place in Creation that is: 
in Heaven – and in heaven on earth.

I am the creator of things in the physical world 
and the Logos of this world an all levels.
I penetrate each manifestation of the visible and the, 
for many, invisible worlds.
I am the omnipresence of this planet of Love.

Now together we weave a new materiality, finer 
and more exalted than anything you are used to until now. 

Love prevails and the Light – And we prevail, 
we who are Love and have emerged from the Light.

From the outset of time and into eternity,
A true servant of Mankind


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