12. Februar 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


At the outset in order to say it clearly:  
All of our politicians and without exception 
should be thrown out of office with wet rags! 

Why this drastic assessment?

The EU will sell seeds and plants as a patent to the 
highest bidders! The free exchange of seeds between 
farmers shall be forbidden and will be punishable! 
Affected by it are mostly all old varieties.

The EU commission wants us, the consumers, 
the gardeners and the farmers, cut off from the biodiversity 
that nature and Mother Earth make available to us. 
To whose benefit? The agricultural industries and the 
corporations. Monsanto&Co will dish up a genetically 
modified food (GMO) pabulum that has it in it. Rare fruit, 
vegetable and grain varieties shall be wiped out and the 
genetically modified monoculture be introduced.

In short: Due to the EU regulation, our politicians are in the 
process to destroy the diversity of species rather than to 
preserve them! 

Representatives of the most evil kind are at work here 
and a “wet rag” is the mildest form that is blooming for the 
corporate minions as human Beings awaken, because they have 
less and less to lose. The rampant further expanding poverty 
of human Beings in Europe, in the US and worldwide, has rung 
in this awakening.

But lets go on in the script of the EU-seed-horror.
Each plant of a specific variety must look and grow the same 
as much as possible, still after several generations, something 
that is only possible with highly bred industry varieties. 
Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Pioneer, BASF and Bayer rub 
their hands.
For the production and sale of seeds, seedlings, cuttings 
and nodules, the manufacturers face constraints, official 
inspections and high fees.
Obstacles, which mean the ruin for small to middle farmers, 
because they would be forced to buy the expensive highly 
bred seeds.

The Austrian Bio-Farmer Erich Stekovics, who is nationally 
and internationally famous as the “tomato emperor”, illustrates 
graphically: “I would have to pay 3,5 million Euro in fees for the 
registration of my roughly 3,500 tomato and pepper varieties. 
For the registration and certification of each variety I would have 
to fill out 18 pages of forms, which would be almost 60,000 pages!”” 

An additional perniciousness is hidden in hybrid seeds. 
Namely this one is not “seed fortified”, meaning that it cannot 
reproduce itself. Thus all farmers are trapped and each year
they must purchase the seeds offered by Monsanto&
Co at a high cost – pesticides included.
Can it be more perverse, diabolic and disdaining to humans?
In the middle of April 2014 the EU Parliament is supposed to 
vote on it.

Global 2000, the Kronen Zeitung, Spar, Noah’s Ark as well 
as prominent chef cooks have started an information campaign 
and have called for a signature collection against this regulation. 

280,000 people have already signed the petition.

With much emphasis: This action of our politicians is unacceptable 
and constitutes straight treason of the people! 
And:The weirdest thing of this whole story is the fact, 
that this is even possible and that such a law is even 
considered by our “representatives of the people”. 

Instead of declaring a clear refusal of such corporate ambitions 
from the onset and to represent the voters, they betray these 
and represent the corporate interests. Hereby the highly paid
men and women present a career path at its worst that is fully 
perverted and has gotten out of control.

It is a scandal that when our elected politicians are supposed 
to save us from damage, it takes private initiatives in order to 
prevent this from us. For what have we elected you?
It is a scandal that the intention of corporations is even seriously 
discussed to attach a patented price tag to every plant, and soon 
possibly also to each animal!

Lobbyists breathing life into such a racket in the office of 
a EU Representative should by law be forbidden to have 
access to any politician; and the exercise of their profession 
should be prohibited. 
Conclusion I: The actual scandal is that politicians represent 
the interests of corporations! And a corporation will always 
conduct profit and power maximization, if we like it or not.

The green party of Austria applied for the renaming of a 
shopping street in Vienna for 1 million Euros in public funds.
Whereas there is not a single poster of a political party that 
points to what the future holds for seeds, for our food – and 
pretty soon even our own future.
Nowhere is there suitable information, warnings or leads; 
and if it weren’t for the private initiatives the EU regulation 
would already be a decided matter.

The hour for responsible citizenship has struck a long time ago.
Because under these circumstances it is we who have to be careful 
about our shifty politicians and have to protect ourselves; 
and it is not the politicians who “divert disaster from the people” 
as the German chancellor has sworn three times. It is absolutely 
perverse and fatal, what kind of political nomenclature has 
established itself.
Therefore my introducing assessment was certainly too short, 
because if our traitors of the people do not wake up soon, 
there will be a rude awakening not only for us but mostly for them. 

“Our society is ruled by madmen for crazy goals. 
I believe lunatics guide us to a crazy ending, and I believe 
I will be incarcerated as a madman, because I say this. 
That is what is so crazy about it.” 
John Lennon, musician and peace activist (1940-1980)

We are still not being incarcerated, those of us who show things, 
but it may be only a question of time until it comes to it.
Namely then when the whole power is in the hands of very few 
corporate families. How did Henry Kissinger, consultant to US 
Presidents, war criminal and warmonger, ascertain bone-dry 
and consistently: “If you control food you control the whole
population. If you have control over oil, you have control over 
nations. If you have control over finances, you control the 
whole world.” 

Oil and Money are checked off, now it is food. 
And just as an aside: Henry Kissinger is internationally 
indicted for arrest in France and Spain for his participation 
in crimes that were committed during the fascist Pinochet 
regime in Chile. He is accused of being involved in the killing 
of French and Spanish citizens. And this man is still being 
courted worldwide!
Politicians en masse, unsuspicious of courage and far from 
morality, stand in line when this criminal invites them to a 
meeting or he summons the European Elites in order to give 
them orders. 

In summary what is true for the political fraternity and not 
only for seeds: simplemindedness instead of diversity, 
Dictatorship instead of democracy, Treason instead of
representation! Disregard of citizen rights instead of 
the protection of our rights! 

What is next?
Do they want to attach a price tag to trees, 
do they want to raise gene pigs and patent the Schnitzel? 
What else? After breathing is already taxed (CO2 taxes) 
one now turns to other lucrative and for humans enslaving 
sources of revenue.
The earth is being sold to human Beings, 
its treasures belonging to all human Beings 
and should be freely available.

The lords of money follow a different beat. And how?
Or asked differently: What is really behind all this?
What are the true motives? To whose benefit does it serve?
Money alone with all the amassment of property values cannot be it. 
Perhaps it is the reduction in world population which the Rothchild 
and Rockefeller puppets consciously or unconsciously, 
yet with meticulousness and with sufficient criminal energy, 
press ahead with?

Because one thing is certain: The death of many human Beings is preprogrammed with inferior and gene modified filling material 
that has nothing to do with nutrition.
Conclusion II: Before it gets better everything will get worse.  
And today we find ourselves in this “bad phase” before the breakdown
of the world economy and society, before the great upheavals, 
which must be the result of this policy.

I already see them, our “representatives of the people”, 
as they again tender to the citizens, how they chum up to us, 
because EU elections are coming. Some more others less clever 
yet all with the same old stench of malice, which is unbearable 
for a responsible citizen.
Not one single politician has mobilized against this seed regulation! 
Not one single elected Representative (a few exceptions less than 
the fingers in our hand excluded!) cries out loud as it deals with 
the sellout of our human basic rights or the national sovereignty 
(Breach of EU treaties or the ESM). It always requires the privately 
engaged initiative in order to move something. 
The prohibition of each privatization of common goods, like water,
food and energy, is way overdue, but nobody demands it!

Fact is: We have no choice anymore, because all political parties systematically fail. Our vote, which we put into the ballot box 
during an election, is buried and is lost.
Meaning: Let us end our obedience to this corrupt system.  
Let us cut our umbilical cords by boycotting the system wherever 
we can. Let the representatives know what we think of them.

Write and cry out loudly your opinion and your displeasure, 
unmistakably, until you are heard. Never give up and end all 
your devotion and obedience toward the authorities:

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. 
Our problem is that masses of human Beings from all over the world 
have obeyed the dictates of rulers of their governments and went to 
war – and millions have been murdered on account of this obedience. 
Our problem is that human Beings from all over the world obey in the
face of poverty and hunger, cruelties, stupidity and war. 
Our problem is that human Beings obey while the prisons are 
full of insignificant thieves, whereas the really great thieves 
rule the society and rob them. THAT is our problem.”
Howard Zinn, US American historian and political scientist (1922-2010)

And our problem is also, that despite this dreary situation, 
we still let ourselves be deceived by clever pied pipers and 
let ourselves be guided into darkness. 

Choose sides! 

Choice for humanity, choice for justice, choice for the oneness 
of mankind, choice for democracy, choice for freedom. 

Choose sides! 

Choice for a life worthy of a human Being, 
a life that guarantees food, basic income and shelter 
for all human Beings as a birthright.
Choice for the fair distribution of goods, choice for an 
economy liberated from corporations and the compound 
interest financial system, choice for a political system that 
serves human beings and choice for love and life. And foremost: 

Choose sides for yourself!  

Because: “The hottest place in hell are reserved for 
those who in times of moral crisis did not choose sides.”  
Dan Brown (49) US American author, in “Inferno”.

And the diabolical plans of the Elites, regarding seeds, 
are a clear request for all of us to vehemently do exactly that. 

Jahn J Kassl

Sources: Mahlzeit (SPAR), netzfrauen.org, Kronen Zeitung;

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)

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corrspondence whatsoever on the texts / massages published 
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