24. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Beloved Angles of Light!

Who you know and I am ASANA MAHATARI, 
whom you must first get acquainted with, 
because many of you still hold on to fixed pictures 
of my previous incarnations on earth.

It is on it’s way and more and more human 
Beings familiarize themselves with my present energy 
quality, which distinguishes itself from my previous one in 
one point: Today the effect of my transformation strength is 
much greater compared to the times you know about and pretty 
soon it will reach the strength of Atlantis. Meaning, today, 
a higher light flooding is possible and thereby human Beings 
progress much faster and can complete their processes.

The Light works.
Please proceed consistently on the path of Light.
Remain consistent agents on the side of Light, because 
as long as duality in this world has not yet been fully 
suspended, this is of great importance. 

Your behavior should be so that you may be recognized! 

Recognizable as carriers of the Light, as human Being, 
who has truly dedicated himself to God and has entrusted 
himself to eternal life. Recognizable for all.
Easiness starts with this positioning. Lightness is inherent 
on the spiritual path, and the more you obviously stand to 
who you are, how you think and act, that much easier your 
decisions become. Conflicts end where different interests 
no longer strike each other. 
In such a manner you can easily and liberated create life, 
because everyone may see, know and have an idea that you 
serve the light and thereby transmit an easiness that calls 

Then your path toward love is a short one, because you 
have tilled the ground for love, because love grows where 
light has already spread out and where lightness has 
already moved in. It is prudent to internalize this, now, 
as the storms of old times have caught up with many human 
Beings and are affecting them.  Step out of the circle of darkness 
and step into the circle of Light. Be certain that it is a wonderful 
time and you perform wonderful work. 
Never despair, never give up, and know that in the end Light, 
Lightness and Love (LLL) always prevail.

I expect you at the portal of the worlds,
Children come, Children come,
I love you infinitely.


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Arise you Gods - SANAT KUMARA: