7. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones!

There are increasing reports regarding the fact that 
Light Worlds are being made visible to all human Beings;
and great expectations are associated with them.
I say to you: 

Yes, it is true that Heaven opens up and that
for human Beings infinitely long light staircases are rolled out. 

Those who want to see will see, those who want to hear will hear, 
those who want to participate in this vibration of Love, whereby 
the planet changes completely and all human Beings will be 
born anew, will receive all of what has been announced – and more.

Yet many human Beings will not see nor hear and their perception 
will not be activated. It is those, who have made another choice.
So it is to see the following:

1.) The appearance of light siblings from the so far 
invisible realms cannot be visible to everyone.

2.) Out of two in the field one will see and the 
other one remains blind.
3.) The perception of the individual creates Reality and 
not that this perception is penetrated by force, by whomsoever.

4.) The transformation and the visibility of the light siblings 
reaches everyone who has made this decision on the level 
of the soul and who is well prepared for it on the level of 
human existence.

5.) Being well prepared means: To be anchored in oneself, 
to rest in oneself, to be in peace with oneself, and to treat 
self lovingly; meaning: To trust the divine voice unconditionally 
and to a great extent having realized love for all life.

In this knowledge that everything is not always as it 
seems, I ensure you of my omnipresence, because truly:
God is Great and we are with HIM and all through HIM.

I am

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