10. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Since the downfall of Atlantis the ascension flame blazes 
incessantly! The white-golden flame of purity and of ascension 
is guarded as the eyeball of humanity. Never has this flame 
become extinct and never will this flame extinguish, because 
it serves only one purpose: That all human Beings, whichever 
path they may walk on, be anchored well protected in the fifth 
dimension of Being!

I am SERAPIS BEY, and with me a great number of Saints 
and Sages, Masters and Wise Beings have, after the events 
of Atlantis, taken on the guardianship of the ascension flame.
And this flame of eternal life was handed over to our siblings 
in Telos so that we may like an invincible unity create an 
impermeable reality for all lower aspects of life; in the 
meantime this sacred flame of love can without hindrance 
perform its service for mankind.

I am SERAPIS BEY, the guardian of the ascension
flame on all levels of its ministry.
Coming from LUXOR, my energetic home, the place 
where I have anchored myself with my light, the flame 
of love acts all over and way beyond this world.

Today I remind you of this, today I remind you of this gift, 
which the Creator manifested for you and that we have come 
to guard. It is your ticket to Heaven, the activator of your 
light body so that you may enter the realms of light.

The original white flame of ascension, the divine light, 
out of which all spectra of light, all light qualities, according 
to the situation and appropriateness, emanates, has been 
complemented with the primary golden ray. Initially, depending 
on need and necessity, the golden ray of healing will perform its 
work before it will step back and the white divine light unfolds
its total strength.
The golden light is necessary in order for you to rise 
step by step and be able to attune.
Your processes of ascension begin with this light 
quality before the white divine light spreads out in 
your Being and can do its healing work.

At the first encounter with a readily human Being, 
the pure white ascension ray of love sends out the 
golden light and begins with the transformation of this Being. 
Step by step the vibration changes and it is increased in frequency, 
until the divine white light and the comprehensive strength of the 
ascension flame of eternal life replaces this ray. The golden ray 
of ascension therefore is the first bridge into the light and this 
bridge will be removed as soon as you have anchored the initial 
findings and as soon as your path to the light has become irreversible.

Today I remind you that you can directly connect with this 
energy, the flame of love, and that you should do this regularly 
under all circumstances. Come if your ascension is your heart’s affair!
If you only flirt with it, please stay away from this flame
– your time has not come yet.
Additional help for it has already been given and are being 
delivered to human Beings by the Lichtweltverlag.
The great Atlanteans, the great Lemurians, which you are, 
long for this eternal fire, for the flame of wisdom. 
Today your remembrance of it is being refreshed.

Today you can claim this flame of healing.
Do it by asking to be taken in your sleep to the ascension temples, 
which keep the ascension flame alive. It will happen because you
will enter into your light vessel, your light body, and will be taken 
to the ascension temples of Luxor or the ascension temples of 
Telos. After a few healings, which this light affects, you will 
soon be like newborn. This is not a promise but a fact, which 
all human Beings encounter who unconditionally let in the 
effect of the ascension flame. Meaning:

1.)To give up every resistance to releasing old behavior 
patterns and beliefs.
2.)To let go of every fuzziness in the perception of the 
world and this time.
3.)To reject every compromise, because compromises mean 
stagnation and are unworthy of an awakening Master.
4.)To release any impatience and to fully focus on the Now.
5.)To recognize every doubt in its roots and to let go of it, 
like a servant who cannot serve you anymore.

If you wish to fully interlock with the ascension and be 
one with it, you must subordinate everything to it and 
you must be ready to do everything for it.
The greatest effort is given, if you are ready to reinvent yourself, 
to think new of Self, to reorient yourself and to let go of all old 
thinking, feeling and acting, which are molded by the limitations 
of space-time. And to recognize this is the most important 
assignment of a true adept of the light:

To be unconditional, to ruthlessly recognize and 
to merge in self-love and compassion for all life.

The remembrance of your origin is now being activated. 
It is time to attune to the white-golden ascension ray, 
which for all human Beings is guarded in LUXOR and in 
TELOS and that spreads over the whole planet, subtly 
and in physical form.

Keep looking for the most effective means in order 
to foster your ascension. Here a door has been opened 
for you and additional tools will be given to you. 

The Ascension Flame of eternal life affects all 
 -unsurpassed in God’s Grace, unmatched in its 
effect for human Beings. 

Come! We expect you in the Light! 

The last journey of a human Being, before he enlightens 
and ascends, ends where it once began: In the Heart of 
this World and in the Ascension Temple of your Origin. 
Because your Ascension Temple was also your Descent 
Portal, how you entered this World eons ago. All returns 
to the Origin. Welcome Home, welcome in the Light.

The end of your journey is sealed, 
your assignments are fulfilled, your Being is perfected.
Come! We expect you.

Guardian of the Ascension Flame
Master for Masters 

This is the first message as part of the light reading
on January 31st, 2014 with ADAMA OF TELOS.
Simultaneously it is the first pre-publication of an
excerpt of the book “Telos, welcome to Agartha” 
that will probably be available in April 2014 from Lichtweltverlag.   

The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages published 
on this website. 

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