16. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

What yields to the wind and sways with the wind, 
remains whole and withstands each time. 

Light from Heaven is being offered to you, and great 
Angels will reveal themselves to you, obvious for the 
whole world, obvious for all human beings.

New life begins to prevail on earth, because human Beings 
more and more reach their strength and glory.

You are the inheritors of Lemuria, the heirs of Atlantis, 
the inheritors of humanity as it has been from the beginning 
of time. Epochs have gone by but for all time the Spirit of 
mankind remained unchanged and the same.
This Being awakens as it is time for it now.
Now you are returned into your reality that is full of wonder,
magic and praise for the One God, in all Worlds.

Awaken Siblings from the light who are similar to us and 
we who perform our service on your side for thousands of 
years until every human Being recognizes himself in his whole 

On a cellular level great changes and transitions happen! 
Now it is necessary for you beloved siblings to recognize this 
and accept it; to willingly give yourself, in accordance with 
your all-knowing divine soul, to the process of restructuring 
of the DNA.

The process is ongoing, many have already awakened 
and many still will be we guard your days, we guard 
your nights, because a sacred process always happens 
in sacred spaces and under the absolute protection of Heaven. 

There is nothing more you need to do – except:

We represent the Council from the Pleiades and 
we are in great numbers omnipresent among you
-our eternal siblings from the Light.


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Christ Consciousness - MAITRAYA: