6. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

The Way is the Goal – however not 
every road leads you to your destination. 

So we would like to illuminate this mistake, 
because this belief that all roads lead to “Rome” 
is still anchored in the consciousness of mankind.

Yes, at the end of time, everything enters into God.
In this respect it is true.

Apart from these are detours, wrong paths and roads 
repeatedly taken – because a human Being comes to 
these forks on the road as often until he recognizes them 
and does not run away from the troubles which these 
conceivably offer.

The widely accepted assumption that the way alone is the 
goal, lulls human Beings into a deceptive security, let them 
slide into lethargy, because he knows that at some time he 
will surely find the “right way”. This is careless and it is 
time to tell you: 

A human life is sacred and may not be wasted 
due to carelessly thrown away chances for awakening. 

And exactly that happens with those, who postpone their 
enlightenment until “one of these days”, because they believe
that mistakes and idleness are part of being human like 
oxygen is for breathing.

This attitude towards life applies only to those, who 
give everything and go astray, but there are truly different 
laws for those who proceed with their life aimlessly, carelessly 
and without respect for the unique opportunity of enlightenment.

Meaning: All human Beings who approach their life with this 
frivolous attitude will be given the opportunity for new existences,
on similar levels like on earth, thereby they have a chance to 
awaken from their lethargy.

The more a human Being “wastes” his life that many 
more soul fragments get lost in All-that-Is and that many 
more soul fragments get sucked into the consequences, 
which these fragments have caused on the human level.

It could easily be that a human Being has six simultaneous 
existences on earth or on earth-like planets so that a degree 
of saturation is reached and a soul’s return into the Light is 
made possible.

Only the road towards the Light leads to “Rome”, 
because for human Beings the staircases to Heaven 
are not handed down everywhere.

So realize that this life of yours is a unique gift 
that you gave to yourself and that the Creator breathed into life.

Treat it carefully by making sure that your blueprint is 
fulfilled – every other approach is to be discarded and 
is only followed by infinite loops of incarnations. 

Honor Life because you received it so 
that you may thereby perfect yourself. 

I am who I am
In Eternity

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