4. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

God’s Children!

Nurture yourself from the tree of life. 
Pick the fruits, the ones one wants to deny you, 
because you were instructed to make a false image of God, 
who I am.

Supply your consciousness from the tree of knowledge, 
and become conscious that the tree of ignorance cannot 
bear fruit that could satisfy you and whereupon you stay 
hungry forever.

Yet the tree of unconsciousness, the tree of ignorance, 
has been of great importance, because until now the world 
has been built on it, so that human Beings could experience 
themselves and I could experience Myself in humans.

Now this time is over, now it is necessary to shed the old 
paradigm of sinfulness as one eats from the tree of knowledge.

Activate your life force within self. Join with the snake energy 
that rises within you and makes you conscious and directly 
leads you to Me.

Let go of the old images of the creation story in the old
testament, because the Garden of Eden is neither correctly 
described nor correctly interpreted.

Activate the light force that is symbolized by the snake 
and reach for the fruits on the tree of life, because for 
you they ripen to their full sweetness.

God never forbids, God allows,
Only the ignorant human mind created fear,
And therefore many remained far and alien from 
the tree of life.
You all were created in the innocence and 
in the purity of a Light Angel, who you are.
The sin and the original sin were invented by 
ignorant human Beings in order to keep humans 
in ignorance.

As was said before, human children,
This time is over and acted out.

So go forward and put down your clothes, 
because only the naked are ready for God’s 
garment and only those, who accept the life 
force and nurture themselves from the tree of life 
will live eternally.

I am your Creator

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