15. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Beloved Ones, Beloved Jahn,
The realities in God’s Creations are infinite and 
nonetheless there is only one reality: As one awakens in God!

In the last days you, Jahn, have once again sensed different 
group energies and the collective energy in your environment
– more intensely as usual. Thereby your protection shield has 
been made somewhat more penetrable so you could win a 
special closeness to it. It was made clear to you that a major 
part of mankind is far removed from “enlightenment” or from 
“ascension”. This great swarm of human Beings enjoy their 
time and enjoy the space in order to receive experiences. 
For many it is truly such that the “offer of ascension” 
is only marginally attractive, because they want under 
all circumstances maintain their present lifestyle.

The light flooding of earth continues to go on irresistibly. 
God’s spiritual light reaches this world and human Beings
– yet with many one can barely measure any effect.
One thing in particular needs to be internalized regarding this:
For every human Being there is a corresponding level whereupon 
he can act in his comprehensive consciousness.  

Yet the ascension level in the fifth dimension of 
Being remains solely reserved for those who have 
said goodbye to the spectacle of the lower vibrating 
levels and are clarified and purified in Self. 

Many human Beings will stay behind and here it also needs 
to be internalized: For everyone there exists the perfect 
environment wherein experiences can be made. 
“Stay behind” and where?
On all “in-between levels” which exist on the line from 
3D to 5D. There are an infinite number of levels that 
are manifested here. Truly: 

The Creator has taken measures and for 
everyone of his children has established its own home. 

The Creation is so manifold that the concepts of the 
1D to 12D dimensions has to be immersed in a different light.
Because as the truth between words becomes visible, 
the diversity and the multidimensionality in infinite 
variations on and “between” each dimension can be 

Therefore human Beings find themselves on exactly 
the energy step that corresponds to their Being
– on an infinite number of steps that each dimension 
holds ready for him.

Today I invite you to reconsider the concept of dimensions 
and thereby gain a comprehensive knowledge, because truly: 

Everything is available in abundance, the Creator 
cares for his children due to His loving omnipresence. 

Now let go of fixations, which were built around the process 
of ascension. Infinite is the diversity in God’s Kingdom.

Expand in it and you will never feel grief or any pain as you 
look at brothers or sisters, because you know that they have 
truly chosen a different one than the fifth experience level of 
Being for themselves.

Many types of light manifest many species of life
– infinitely on all levels of the 1D-12D dimensions and far beyond.

Now Jahn’s grief is also gone – and now I instruct all human beings 
to let go of their grief as they recognize that human Beings in
their close environment seemingly “stay behind”.

Because truly: Each human Being is fitted with his 
custom-made shoes and his garment that
has been designed by the Creator Himself, and clothed 
until he is ready to accept himself in his whole nakedness 
and to love it. Eternally.

God takes care of you so never worry yourself!
Truly: Worry is the shadow of Fear. 

Overcome this now and understand what has been 
given here. Nobody “stays behind” because everybody 
will arrive exactly at his place of destination in All-that-Is!

Understand that each human Being forms and creates 
his own universe; lives in it and acts in it – until the veil 
lifts and he enters the one universal reality of God.

Loves Mankind and stands by it,
At all times and into eternity.


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