18. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

No matter what shows up, no matter what you
have to deal with, no matter how great the resistances 
build up – always remain centered, always remain anchored 
in the center of your Soul and answer every imposition with Love. 

God, your heavenly Father, guides you through time, God, 
your heavenly Mother nurtures you incessantly and those 
who internalize this remain truly untouched by all “side effects” 
that this transformation brings with it.

It is essential to constantly increase your own vibration and 
hold it in the Light. Thereby neither fear nor worries can reach 
you, you remain immune and sovereign – and you know how to 
adequately appear in each situation.

“Prophets of fear” go around in order to push human Beings 
off their path. Therefore the heavenly Father calls on you to
fully give yourself to HIM so that you remain free of influences 
which weaken you and finally let you stagger.

The last battle in this world is ongoing, the battle wherein 
the remaining dark forces undertake everything in order to 
block the path to the light for as many human Beings as possible. 
In this last moment they put everything on the scale, everything 
into the battle , and yet they will fail; because the ascension of
the planet has prospered a great deal and with each day we 
come closer to the end of time.

So persevere and remain in trust.
Remain true to your decisions, do not shy away and do not 
let yourself intimidated by anything or let yourself be pushed 
off the path.
God guides you into the Light and nobody can invalidate 
this fact. Trust in your decisions, because truly:
Mankind will be given a great inheritance.

In Eternity

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