1. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

For you, who have followed the ray of the Light, 
this transformation will happen in direct physical 
contact with bliss. 
And be certain that the dramas are reserved 
for those who have chosen them.

The transformation of upper earth progresses and goes 
according to plan. While human Beings come much closer 
to their “ascension energy”, the planet comes much closer 
to its ascension energy and very soon will have reached it. 
The ascension processes of human Beings and the planet 
happen almost in sync and finely tuned. The level whereon 
you act, where you have placed your consciousness, reacts 
more lethargic than you wish for. Meaning, some events still 
let themselves be waited for, although they have already 
happened in other holographic worlds. You are still embedded 
in this matrix and there is still the impression of stagnation. 
Yet in fact the unique dynamic of this transfiguration of all life 
has already been aroused and both of us have already created 
the basis, whereon it happens. Before the “Great Light” comes 
through it is necessary to establish everything and align it accordingly. 

Foremost it is the individual insight and illumination processes
that are now supported by all means.

Only the human Being, who is purified in his vibration, 
can withstand the ascension vibration or can encounter 
it easily or in joy.


(Excerpt from the message of yesterday’s light reading 
in Vienna. The complete message will be published shortly 
on this site. Remarks JJK)