9. Februar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Indeed the actual Olympic games were supposed to be 
ended by a “great bomb” (The Elohim speak of a different 
event and do not refer to the incident of a Turkish airplane, 
which was supposed to be hijacked to Sotchi on the 7th 
of February, 2014. Remark JJK) 

This would have had enormous worldwide political 
consequences that the Light Forces did not allow to 
happen as such. Therefore the Light Forces of Heaven directly 
intervened and defeated all related processes that let the 
discharges fizzle out. This “intervention from outside” 
is possible because the light warriors of the first and last 
days who are still stationed on this earth hologram have 
mandated this.

During the “process of neutralization” all dark energies flow 
through the physical system of these human beings, they guide 
these very lethargic energies through, so that these discharges 
can happen in the subtle worlds, there, where they cause 
almost no damage; whereby these energies on God’s behest 
are released into the Light.

This work of transformation, whereby different dark energies 
that would instantly extinguish this world are neutralized, 
is acted out by the for this task selected light warriors as 
an unconditional act of love, and that so long until the 
events on God’s behest will discharge, and not according 
to the will of the dark powers, and until the ascension of 
the light warriors, who perform this sacred service in this 
world, is fulfilled. 

We are invincible – above as below.
Our force is indestructible and decisive in creation 
in order to affect the birth of new worlds.
The human Beings, gods in human form are truly with us.
We are the ELOHIM  
The bridge for mankind, the gate for the world. 

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Liberation from the Orion Shackles - ASANA MAHATARI: