20. Februar 2014



written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Since the 1990’s different studies confirm this. 
Thereby it was observed that the RFID-chips, 
implanted under the skin, have caused tumors in animals.

The US expert for data security Dr. Katherine Albrecht 
 found eight scientific studies with indications that in 10% of 
the laboratory animals with the implant cancerous tumors were 
forming around the chip. “The tumors in some cases built 
metastases and often resulted in the death of the animal.” 
Also Keith Johnson, retired pathologist and author of one of 
the studies is convinced: “The RFID-chips are the cause for 
the malignant tissue that is always concentrated around the implant.” 

Other cancer researchers are also concerned: 
“Either it is the cellular immune reaction of the body or 
the electro-magnetic radiation leads to degeneration of the cells.” 
The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) microchip is 
implanted under the skin by injection and is very difficult to remove. 
The ambitious goal of the Obama administration to chip all 
US citizens until the 23rd of March, 2013, has failed significantly, 
but yet this NWO agenda for the total surveillance and the 
reduction of the world population is far from being over.

This chip contains all information of a person (personal data, 
medical history, bank and credit card information) and in the 
future shall replace every card and make cash-less purchasing 
a child’s play; just put your hand under the scanner and go on. 
In order to make the chip implants attractive one touts VIP status. 
There are people in England who due to the chip have VIP status 
in a club and never have to stand in line to purchase tickets or 
order a drink. Besides the fact that chipping means an immense 
invasion into the freedom of human Beings, we are not being 
told that the chip can be remotely programmed.

Meaning that absolutely deadly electromagnetic fields can 
be generated and there is nothing human Beings can do against it.
In times of the NSA scandal – that has revealed to us the tip of 
the already intact global and full surveillance of human Beings
– it is child’s play. What works with animals will rarely be 
ineffective in human Beings.

In short: The chip implantation for human Beings gives the 
Elite the power to control at a whim or to kill us according 
to demand. 

What wars, vaccination programs, pathogenic food 
(GMO and antibiotics), electro-smog, environmental pollution 
from the oil industry have not accomplished, is made possible 
due to the micro chip.

The talk is: The significant reduction in the world population! 

The remote control of the microchip means certain death for 
government critics or for criticizing human Beings, 
who are dissatisfied with the system.
What the drones from Obama could not achieve will thereby 
be done with the RFID technology. “Beautiful New World”, 
the world of horror! It is exactly this world that is meant, 
as the rulers consciously talk about the expression 
“New World Order”. 

Obama, Merkel & Co knows, what they are talking about! 

In the NWO a human Being that doesn’t agree with the system, 
can quite easily be cut off from every life artery of society.
Simply deactivate the chip and already one cannot purchase 
or sell anything anymore: 
“The beast (the State) has all human Beings under it’s control: 
Tall and short, rich and poor, slaves or free ones. They were 
forced to put a sign on their right hand or the forehead, 
so that nobody could buy or sell except those who have this sign: 
the name of the beast or the number of its name. Wisdom is
necessary here. Who has intelligence can find out what the 
number of the beast means, because it signifies the name 
of a human Being. It is the number 666.” (Secret revelations 13,16; 
the final book of the Bible). Rarely has a prophecy hit the nail on 
its head so accurately!

Who believes that the microchip serves the freedom of 
human Beings can rarely be surpassed in naivety or stupidity 
and is nothing more than a foolish sheep or a VIP person 
(VIP=Very Ignorant Person).

Also the symbolic of the RFID chip has it in it and 
doesn’t hide anything. Just as the already familiar scanning code,
the barcode, which is on every product we purchase, 
this microchip, is also equipped with the code of 666.
Three longer double bars point to this, which can be found 
on any receipt. Three times the six is: 666. The number of 
the beast.
It is also purely a coincidence that the central computer 
in Brussels, the biggest computer in the world, whereto all 
other computers are connected to, has the name “La Bête” 
(“The beast”).This computer captures every human Being; 
all our movements are documented.
“In the sign of the beast” means, in the sign of the scan 
code that equals the imprint of the bear paw.
The ancient history of the Hopi Indians points to this.
From the book “Secret Societies and their power in the 
20th Century” by Jan van Helsing: 
“The Hopi Indians in North Arizona also have a prophecy and 
it says: ”Nobody will be able to buy or sell, if he doesn’t have 
the sign of the bear. When this sign can be seen, the third 
great War will come.””
I give you here an example for the interpretation of 
this revelation: “The Animal” in this section is called 
“The Beast” in English. The sign of the bear looks like this:


(Now compare this with the actual barcode.)
You have to imagine that several hundred years ago a vision 
is shown to an Indian where he sees the barcode. Since naturally 
he doesn’t know it under that name, he describes what the sign 
looks like, like the footprint of the bear when it sharpens its claws. 
The scan code of individual commercial products contain several
lines which represent a certain number according to width and 
distance, whereby the particular product can be identified 
according to a binary number system. You see the twelve shorter 
double bars, like the claws of the bear, six to the left and six 
to the right (in the beginning there were five). Then there are 
THREE longer ones, all the way to the left, all the way to the
right and in the middle.
If you now search out the number 6 in the short bars 
(two thin bars) and compare them with the longer bars, 
you will see that the longer bars also represent a six, but 
there are no numbers below them. The longer bars are and 
remain the same on each barcode in the world, only the 
shorter ones change. The computer always reads 666.
And I promise you, if nothing major changes, you will not 
be able to purchase anything without the barcode. Sometime 
you will get the code on your hand or on your forehead (....) 
The question how one manages to force the barcode on human 

Beings is not difficult to answer. The international bankers, instead 
of causing minor economic crises, this time will cause a worldwide 
One will use this event in order to establish a world currency and an absolutely controlling central world bank and at the same time introduce 
the exclusive cash-less payment system. After all financial systems 
in the world have collapsed and there is no alternative to the debit 
cards, human Beings will have to accept these economic crisis 
that will be worst one ever.
You will not be able to pay in cash in any store. 
The only recourse to circumvent the card and later the 
tattoo is to be self-sufficient. Either to have gold or silver, 
or to produce something (farming or handicraft) that you can 
barter for something else. Therefore it is mandatory to live in 
the countryside, because an independent and self-sufficient 
existence in a city is as good as impossible.”

The excitement of the EU authorities and politicians about  
the NSA disclosures is therefore only mocked, hot air and a farce.
Total surveillance brand NSA is only the beginning and the end is 
the New World Order with all finesse to enslave human Beings.
And as an aside: The presidential limousine of Obama carries 
the nickname, you already guess it: “The Beast”.

Yet before the “Beast” can take on the sole reign, it is necessary,
in order to make the enslavement so much easier, 
to reduce the population of mankind: 
“The Rockefellers stand behind the National Security Study 
Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) from Rockefeller protégé 
Henry Kissinger, a secret Government Document that was sent 
to selected Cabinet Members by Henry Kissinger in April 1974. 
Inside it deals with aid programs of the USA for “population control”. 
Thereby programs for the reduction in births is a requirement for 
development aid. Kissinger demanded to increase the death rate 
of 10 million to at least 20 million people per year.
After the NSSM 200 was implemented in Brazil, an investigative 
commission of the Brazilian Government at the end of the 80’s 
determined with shock that roughly 44 percent of all Brazilian 
women of the age between 14 and 55 were compulsively sterilized. 
All under the “Aid” program USAID of the US State Department. 
Newspaper reports talked about that 90 percent of all Brazilian 
women of African origin were sterilized whereby a whole 
population group has been nearly exterminated. 
(Book: “The Rothchilds” page 48ff, 2012, by Tilman Knechtel)

Therefore this is the main agenda of the Elites. 
Who still refuses to believe, because it sounds 
unbelievable and also is unbelievable, the following 
expanding views of Nicholas Rockefeller could help 
in gaining needed insights and understanding: 
“Rockefeller was always eager to stress his idea that human 
Beings must be ruled by an elite and that one of the instruments 
of power is the population reduction, because there are too 
many people in the world, and that the world population 
must be reduced at least by half. Rockefeller said that the 
purpose is to equip all with a (brain) “chip”. The elite 
wants to transform human Beings into a totally new Being 
without free will by utilizing brain chips – in order to 
enslave them. (Aron Russo, US film maker and activist, 
1943-2007, in a talk with Nicholas “Nick” Rockefeller).

Obviously and without bashfulness the elites have begun, 
to get us used to the unavoidable; Rockefeller’s 
“brain chips” and “the beast” in trusted unity.
Another customary suspect presses into the picture, 
like a nightmare and wherever a crime against humanity is 
called for, and where it is a matter of killing human Beings: Bill Gates. 
Super rich, super sharp and super transparent – but one must listen 
carefully. During a TED-conference (technology, entertainment 
and design) in the spring of 2010 Bill Gates emphasized the 
worldwide population control agenda as he said: 
“Today the world has 6.8 billion people. 
It develops toward roughly 9 billion. If we now do a really 
good job with new vaccinations, health prevention and the 
reproduction health organization, we could possibly reduce 
the population by 10 to 15 percent.” 

Health prevention of the “reducer” Gates means therefore: 
Vaccinate until about 1 billion people die from it! 

Today murderers wear pinstripe suits, are welcome guests 
at international venues and in the media and present 
themselves sympathetic! Hitler was at one time, Stalin is 
history, today we have slippery as an eel types like Gates 
and Rockefeller taken on the heritage of Hitler (Germany, 
Holocaust with 6 million and world war with 60 million dead), 
Stalin (Russia, crime against humanity with more than 20 million 
dead), Maos (China, crime against humanity with over 45 million 
dead) or Pol Pot (Cambodia, crime against humanity with over 
3 million dead), in order to advance a deadly eugenics and 
euthanasia agenda, the extermination of human lives.

Gates and Rockefeller, if their plans work out, 
will surpass all of them! 

Therefore: One must neither be a well-versed in the bible 
Catholic nor a conspiracy nut – the famous corner that critics 
of the system get pushed into – in order to clearly determine:  
What happens here is obvious! The majority of humanity 
should be exterminated and the remaining slaves should 
be controlled by total surveillance and be exploited! 

The program SUBNETS (“systems based neurotechnology for 
emerging therapies”) that the “Defense Advanced Research 
Projects Agency (DARPA) made public in November 2013, 
also fits perfectly into the picture. Goal of the research 
projects is to install brain implants, which have direct 
influence on the mental condition of human Beings. 
In real time one measures what happens in the brain 
and thereby “unwanted processes” and changes shall be 
“corrected” with the aid of remotely controlled implants. 
The procedure shall be initially used with soldiers, which 
experience anxiety attacks during battle or fall into depression. 
These “disturbances” can be eliminated via the push of a button. 
From the remotely controlled soldier to the remotely controlled 
civilian is only a short distance! Are you getting sick from all 
these facts? Monster Frankenstein distinguishes himself as 
almost quite harmless.

It is a fact: From the remotely controlled soldier 
to the remotely controlled civilian is only a short distance!
Let us turn over some more pages in the book “Secret Societies 
and their Power in the 20th Century” by Jan van Helsing: 

“Part of the “New World Order” is the “Cashless Society”.
Due to the groundwork of the introduction of electronically 
readable debit and credit cards, telephone cards, health insurance 
cards, gasoline cards of the different oil companies etc. 
the Illuminati have substantially prepared human Beings for it. 
With the argument that the cashless financial transaction is 
more secure, simpler and more practical, the masses could 
be successfully convinced of the advantages of this system. 
This model only needs to be carried to its completion. 
As soon as human Beings have to carry a multitude of 
electronically readable cards with them, one tells them 
that it is much simpler and more practical to have just a 
That is the debit card, the so called ONE CREDIT CARD FOR 
EVERYTHING that has already been introduced in New Zealand, 
Australia and Canada. You still have other credit cards there, 
but the debit-card is already in use. The end solution is the laser 
tattoo. Invisible fto the eye, a laser beam tattooes a bar code 
on the right hand or on the forehead. Meaning that the code on 
your hand or on your forehead is useful, like a debit card as a 
form of payment and additionally as a form of identification.
Afterwards a scanner is skimmed over the code on your hand 
and any desired information is already available. 
These kinds of considerations are not dreams of the 
future but bitter seriousness. 
The laser tattoo has been tested in Disneyland for the last 15 years. 
The persons, who stayed there for several days, have been given 
the option to decide between a season ticket and the laser tattoo 
on the left hand. Thereby one wanted to test how people react 
to this and if over time they get used to it.
Official preprints with the question, where one wants to have the 
mark: F=forehead or H=hand, have already been prepared 
internationally. These are tests in order to slowly familiarize 
the population before it becomes mandatory. In the Netherlands 
seven years ago one has already to put a tattoo on the forehead 
of homeless people. The population was told that thereby one 
reduces crime, especially in Amsterdam. In the meantime the 
laser tattoo has already officially been partially introduced. 
With the argument to be able to process business travelers 
more quickly, special instruments for the scanning of the 
invisibly tattooed marks on the right hand, have been 
installed in American airports. The number of people, 
who accept this service, increases steadily, because time is money.
One will not implicitly force you to accept this tattoo, but you may 
have to do it, unless you are self-sufficient. Someday one will not 
accept cash in the stores anymore. And one wants to show nations 
how secure this method is. Theft is no longer possible, because, 
where there is no money, nothing can be stolen. Every criminal 
can be found per satellite due to the laser tattoo and illegal 
crossings into other countries are no longer possible either. 
But in reality it will be the absolute control of human Beings. 
The free will is gone, each step is being watched, everything 
you do, what you own, how much capital you have, where you 
keep yourself, what you buy and what you sell, all information 
will be retrievable for “Big Brother”. Take the effort and read 
George Orwell’s book “1984” wherein this planned slave 
system of the future is beautifully described (138).

Therefore: Fingers off from this chip as long as it is still possible! 

It will be interesting to see what kind of insidiousness will be 
utilized in order to make the chipping of citizens in Europe 
palatable, as a great catastrophe may not happen, or human 
Beings in the meantime remain self-conscious and do not let 
themselves be forced under the yoke of the Beast.
What happens, if J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), free mason, 
founder of the FBI and it’s longtime director, has erred: 
"The individual stands in front of a conspiracy theory like 
paralyzed, because it is so monstrous that he simply cannot catch it.” 

What happens if the unthinkable occurs, namely that more 
and more human Beings rebel against these doings and revolt 
against them, because they begin to “capture” the extent of 
the enforced fate by the Elite?
But the Elites a la Rockefeller and Gates do not care. 
Just as little as those FDA (food and drug administration) 
officials, who have, proactively and already for some time, 
heaved themselves into the board of directors of the chip 
manufacturer VeriChip. 

Even if the “Beast” is located in Brussels, the USA 
remains in everything that damages human Beings (nuclear, 
uranium and drone wars, genetically modified food, legislation 
due to false flags and erosion of civil rights), an example for 
Europe and for the world as a diabolic pioneer.

Given these facts the cancer causing 
RFID chip may be the lesser evil!

The actual crime is that the Anglo-Saxon spawn 
has declared good for evil and raised evil into good.
War, in the logic of these conspirators is against all of 
humanity, peace activists and pacifists are terrorists, 
and this is done in order to attain absolute world ruler 
ship as a next step; and kill off much more than 
10 percent of the world population.

Bottom line: It is time to push these representatives 
of the devil from all pedestals of this world and to remove 
them from the Olympus of, in their own mercy, created 
ruthless world.  
Whereby? With our courage and with our determination! 

Otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income for all individuals from 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl 

Sources: Jan van Helsing, Tilman Knechtel, interessantes.at, 
Bible, Stimme&Gegenstimme, Euro-med, internet.

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)

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