6. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Report: I am aware of a dense “siege”! 
It feels like millions of souls release their dark energies 
in my immediate vicinity. In these days all human Beings 
romp about also in my closest environment, which carry their 
dark energies into the middle of our family and want to dump 
it there. And finally there are also letters of those readers, 
who against all demands to cease from doing it, think that 
they can share their perceptions and dreams, or simply their 
dramas. Even if we only simply scan these letters it is necessary 
to remove this energy garbage taking quite a bit of effort; in short: 
microcosm like macrocosm? (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

I am amongst you.
I am that I am.

Energy-Garbage, Purification & Ascension Portals 
Indeed this observation is correct and of great importance for 
this end time. Presently, and this perception shows this, 
enormous transformation energies are released through the 
portals that where created by qualified light warriors. 
And qualified is, who has his own issues released for 
the most part and has reached a certain degree of perfection.
Meaning, all the dark is gradually released into the Light and 
these portals serve that purpose – and one of them is a 
multidimensional ascension portal, it is the Lichtwelt portal.

Thereby this “siege” is described.
Because before millions of human souls, soul fragments, 
elementals or independent dark energy units release from 
this level, it will take a certain amount of time.
This process is now in motion and this shows on the 
“real level” in your life. The “reflections” reach all levels and
therefore it is not surprising that the family, the publication family 
and the environment are touched by it and also stressed by it.
Many of these light warriors, who are directly involved in the 
creation of the ascension portals, are often exhausted or 
depressed like if heavy lead weights were on their shoulders. 
This time ends quickly and what follows is of unique Glory:

5D-Crystalline Bodies 
The direct creation of the 5D-Ascension Hologram 
for all human Beings, who have chosen this ascension. 

It is the ultimate hologram wherein the ascension is 
affected for all practical purposes and shall be carried out in it.
These crystalline light envelops, God’s light garment, 
allows for you to experience the coming change in the
middle of the events and remain untouched by the events 
themselves. God’s Children come into the Heavens safe and 
sound and this journey happens in God’s care. It is mandated 
as such, from God our Creator, wherein we all have our origin.

In dignity and in peace are coming into the Light those, 
who are light. 

The next great step toward transfiguration of 
this world and of human Beings fulfills itself in these days. 

I am that I am.
I am

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