12. Mai 2014


It begins! 
Valleys over flooded, Mountains are not anymore, 
Oceans everywhere; and worldwide God is called on.

It begins!
Boundless firestorms, Storm and Wind rise like never before; 
and from the depths the song of the earth sounds.

It begins!
These hours seem like without end, for those, 
who are without belief; and the seeing ones see 
the armies from Heaven and how their Light shines on Earth.

It begins!
It echoes like out of the throat, and with one voice 
mankind speaks: “God stand by us!” The unknowing 
ones out of fear, the knowing ones out of longing.

It begins!
New and familiar sounds, tones and frequencies come 
through to the ear and stir up the earth. Countries, Nations, 
great continents tremble and sink; and the birth of the New 
Earth is recognized by just a few.

It begins!
Deaths in the billions, those, who have chosen death; 
life in the millions of those, who lift themselves into 
Eternity and into the Light.

It begins!
Creation renews itself, unique are the days in this time; 
Human Beings call one name: God.

It begins! With God. 
It ends. With God.
And everything is infinite – in God.
In infinite Love for this Mankind,


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz