5. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz  

Report:  In the past two days the following numbers 
stick in my mind, whenever I look at the clock. 
Day 1: 4.44, Day 2: 2.22, 1.11 (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

Densification of the Light 44, 22, 11 
These rows of numbers illustrate the process of “densification 
of the Light”. Meaning that the 44 express the high master number 
and Master vibration, and point to God’s arrival on earth. The 
Heaven reveals itself in the number of 44. The third 4, pointing 
to the 12 – the number of completion, strengthen this.

The 22 in comparison to the 44 is the lower vibrating Master 
number. Meaning that the light of the 44 is adjusted to the 22, 
so that Masters can bear it among human Beings.
And this process continues to the next “lower” vibrating level 
of the 11, for human Beings who are presently in the process 
of awakening – the soon-to-be Masters.

The third 2 points to the 6 (2+2+2), that is the complete 
union of a human Being in itself and means the union of mankind.

The third “1” points to 3 (1+1+1), that means the union of the 
individual with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It means the 
opening of the third eye in order to see what is and in order to 
reach the first step of mastership.

In these days new miracles manifest on this earth. 
A very powerful energy quality flows from the high 
light realms to earth. 

Crunch points of the spiritual evolution of human 
Beings are reached and overcome.

Last Decisions & great Darkness 
The days of the last decisions have begun and these 
decisions are determined in God’s countenance. And the last 
decisions fall now because God reveals himself to mankind 
in the number of 44. 

A mystery unfolds its full power, Love from All-that-Is 
pushes through everywhere in this world, the dead dies 
completely, and Life prevails. 

We are the unconquerable stronghold of Heaven, 
we see human Beings who remain blind in God’s
countenance or become blind, because they do not 
know this Light or do not wish these healings.
Everything comes to light as the great darkness 
encircles this world for a short period.

The staircases to the Light have been rolled out and 
angel wings are fitted on you; and each one of you Masters, 
that you are, will be reached – on all levels by 11, 22 and 44. 

The days unfold a new Power
And bring a new Reality. 

In infinite Love


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