20. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Report: For several days something „works“ inside of me 
without knowing what it really is. I feel completely exhausted, 
my joints and muscles hurt and I am constantly in a kind of 
“stand-by modus”, meaning I observe human Beings, things 
and situations, without knowing what insights I should derive 
from this. Until today when I attained clarity, namely:
That the final decisions of human Beings were not only made 
on the soul level, but, and this is the essential and new part, 
that human Beings accepted these decisions on all their levels, 
therefore also on the still unconscious level of incarnation; 
and that these decisions are already anchored.

I can see this very clearly in the behavior of human Beings 
in my immediate vicinity. The actions and reactions of human 
Beings convey something “conclusive” and I see how each human 
Being has chosen his level and that this choice is irrevocable. 
Human Beings in my environment show clearly that they no 
longer want to be “instructed” and that they want to live and 
form their life as they have defined it. The great time of 
transformations seems to be over and now in fact it is time to 
hit the nail on its head. For the first time since the “ascension 
process” had so many deadlines and also offered adjustments, 
I see that human Beings have actually made their decisions and 
that the proclamations from Heaven now also fulfill themselves 
on the “visible” level.

In short: Human Beings begin to reconcile themselves with 
their “choice” and do not wish to be put off – they now 
expect everything else.
Today I also experience the separation of the worlds more 
extensively compared to recently. I am aware of a “cut” 
through all my friendship and family relationships, an irreversible 
resolution of recent structures and the arrival of human Beings 
where they have chosen to be. New in all of this, it is foremost 
the quality: Finality! (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This is the moment of the “transfer of this world”.
Human Beings have indeed decided and they have started 
to adjust their lives according to their decisions. And these 
decisions are being anchored now. After this has been completed, 
further necessary steps for the completion of ascension will be 
carried out.
The separation of the worlds appears explicitly and for the 
ascending ones this world begins to feel like a deserted planet, 
even if in many cities and in many locations of this earth great 
goings-on still happen and human Beings perform their activities 
as usual.

This “emptiness” refers to the following:
a.)The ascending ones no longer perceive the immature 
souls in their entirety. These human Beings are experienced 
like “pale shadows” without substance and strength and
b.)The ascending ones are now being attuned to the moment 
when there is nothing and are being prepared for it.

Today it is to be proclaimed that the ultimate 
decisions have not only been made, but human Beings have 
also made them, accepted them and they have been anchored; 
and this on all levels of Being.
So it happens that today human Beings en masse refuse 
any further purification of their Being, break off any transformation, 
because they say to themselves: Enough!

And in fact it is enough, because all decisions manifest 
themselves on this timeline and had to be anchored so that 
clarity and peace prevail on all levels.
Yes, peace, because even an in itself warring soul needs 
clarity and strength building peace before it goes into battle again.

What is the significance for all further processes?
1.)The separation of the worlds, until human Beings 
do not see each other anymore, continues.
2.)The geological events accelerate, meaning that the 
reconstruction of the world reaches the phase of manifestation 
on all levels.
3.)The geopolitical displacements end abruptly, because the 
plans of the dark ones will be replaced by the “power of the 
actual” which describes the rebirth of this earth. 

We get closer and closer to the moment when 
the last veil will be lifted for the ascending 
ones and the last curtain will be lowered 
for the remaining ones. 

You have waited and waited. And now the wait comes 
to an end and your expectations will be fulfilled.
Continue to observe, be whole in everything that you do 
and remain untouched by the outer events of this world, 
because what builds up threateningly fizzles out before it 
reaches you.
You are supposed to see what is, yet you will remain afar 
from these events, because you have been released from 
your responsibility toward your human siblings.

Released by me, who I am – God.
In Eternity.

The Ascension consummates,
Under God’s Care, who I am -


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