28. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Dream: I give a Light Reading in a very beautiful room with a 
vaulted ceiling that seems to be located in a castle. The location 
is immersed in a very mild and pleasant yellow-golden-white light. 
There are many human Beings, yet nobody is capable of being quiet 
and sitting still. All talk to each other just like at a fair. I have the 
impulse to send them away, however I decide to sit down and to 
observe what happens. Among the human Beings I recognize those 
I would never expect at a Light Reading; unreflecting yet intelligent 
looking human Beings who rarely are familiar with spirituality or with 
the transformation. A woman huffs and spouts out the sentence,  
“what a vibration”.  
And suddenly it occurs to me that I must be here in a kind of 
“clarification and purification station” for human Beings after 
the events have begun. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

Indeed, so is it!

This dream picture shows an “in-between level” after “the event” 
on earth has unfolded its total strength. This platform serves for 
the purification of human energy fields so that these particular 
human Beings attain a “leap in consciousness” that lets them 
enter a highly vibrating 4D reality or in some cases a 5D world.
Human Beings have entrance to it, which were flirting with 
awakening before the “great event”, yet never considered serious 
steps in that direction. Those human Beings, who on their soul level 
are principally open to their return into the Light yet due to different 
overlays of this sluggish time never were in the position to take 
concrete steps in that direction.

Light and Vibration 
Naturally these human Beings can only tolerate this 
“purification Light”, like it is symbolized in the dream, 
as they initially are distracted from it and are occupied 
with other things. They “gossip” and walk around in Jahn’s 
Light Reading und pretend like this has nothing to do with them. 
Until a woman calls out: “What a vibration.” And that is it. On this 
level the vibration will be absorbed until they have reached a 
certain state of purity in order to go on.
The festive room with a vaulted ceiling,  
equal to an earthly temple, points to the heavenly realms, 
the “temples of Light”, while the soft golden-white Light 
that the room is immersed in, symbolizes the ascension flame, 
the ascension energy. In summary it is to be stated: 

After the “great event”, new education centers of the 
Light will be created for suitable human Beings and for 
groups of human Beings, which show a specific vibration. 

Thereby it will be possible for some Beings to begin a new life 
in the upper 4D realms or on the 5D level and anchor the energies 
The newly Ascended Masters will be the instructors on these 
education levels and yet even more, these levels were and still 
are created by some of you. The “grace of awakened human Beings” 
flows to the still unconscious human Beings and has an effect.

Mandate of the Ascended Masters 
Thereby the future Ascended Masters have mandated to give new 
opportunities for awakening after the great event to every human 
child that has a fundamental soul orientation toward the Light.
These already created education centers already host the first future 
adepts and these are already expected by the newly Ascended Masters 
on this “in-between level of space-time”.

With these words from the Light, with these facts of the Light, 
I ensure you of my omnipresence.

In infinite Love.

I am

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