9. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Worlds enter into the Light,
human Beings return to God; Life is born – in Eternity.

I am

Peace is in this world; peace is with this humanity, 
on the eve of great events.

The “ascension ramp into the Light” is ready, in order to accept 
the ascending ones and mankind is being separated so that each 
one can experience himself in his new unity. Unity is impossible 
for mankind that creates such different perceptions of life, 
because Unity of a world will always be attained with a 
uniform vibration. And it is now the yardstick of all things.
In these days the vibration fields of individual human Beings 
is being checked, and is finally determined by the “Council of Light”.
Thereby the allocation to the chosen level takes place and the process 
begins whereby the chaff is separated from the wheat on this level.
After all the preparations in order to reach the “threshold level” for 
ascension have essentially been completed, it is now called for to 
determine the ultimate destinations for human Beings.

The vibration measurement of mankind is going on and the 
final report from the “Council of Light” will be presented whereby 
the new decisions will be made and human Beings will be taken 
to their chosen level of Being. In summary it means: 
This world is subjected to a thorough purification 
of human souls so that the ascending ones may enter into 
the Light and the remaining ones on the 4D levels will find 
new and complete conditions for their ongoing evolution.

This “tension” that presently predominates in this world whereby 
different vibration fields oppose each other or overlap, is not
conducive neither to the light warriors of the first and last 
hours – the ascending ones – , nor to the “remaining” ones. 
This time when the chaff grew alongside the wheat has been 
your necessary reality only as long until the ultimate assignments 
for human Beings and the worlds, which were created by human 
Beings, have been determined by the “Council of Light”.

New Phase of the Ascension 
This time has now come; an absolutely new phase in the 
ascension process has reached this world and has begun 
for mankind.
The unity of a society and peace among human Beings 
can only blossom where the Beings are ready for it and 
have a suitable love and light vibration.
Everywhere, where this is not the case, this reality that 
healed human Beings in this world demand, cannot be established. 
Planetary peace in any world is connected with the attainment 
of individual realms of peace of Beings. Oneness can only prevail 
where a Being has found peace in himself, has attained love and has 
affected oneness. And today this final determination is done so that
the separation of worlds can be fulfilled and so that human Beings 
will go to where they have been ordered by their souls and have 
been guided there. 

The vibration is the measure of all things. 

So keep yourself ready, because the great change 
has reached the threshold of manifestation.

In infinite Love 


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