7. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Mankind!

Great days herald themselves, obviously, 
unmistakably and irrevocably.
The turning point of time now reaches the end of time 
and nothing remains as it has been so far. The illusion 
of this reality will be ended, the life in darkness completed 
and the new world of Light is born – in your hearts – and will 
now be visible for all human Beings, who have chosen this.
God is great, God is infinite, and God is amongst us, 
because today together with God our Creator we return 
nto the realms of Light – for eternity.


Nearly limitless transformation work has been 
performed in the past several days.

On this side and on the other side of the veil, 
light armies stood ready to release the dark into 
the Light or to “divert” them into newly created realms.
Now on this newly created world the dark is no longer 
permitted and we experience the most exciting and most 
important days in the history of mankind, because the 
whole world changes its countenance and yet remains 
the same for those, who do not know their self-portrait.

Cosmic Act of Will 
In a great act of will on this and the other side of the veil, 
sluggish energies were removed, energies, which may never 
reach this level again. This process of “removal of dark energies” 
continues unswervingly, because the foundation for it was put in 
place by the great light warriors of the first and last hours. 
Darkness can no longer hold on, because it will be immediately 
dissolved on this “ascension level”.

Until all of us find ourselves in the new reality, 
God the Creator, the wellspring of All-that-Is, 
gives us healings.

Time Quality of Balancing 
Actually we are in the “time quality of balancing”.
Meaning that presently all energies, which affect the
next step of ascension, are being balanced, in order 
to create a “harmonious energy field”. If this balance 
is reached whereby all energy fields of this earth must 
“interlock” with the 5D and 6D vibrating earths, the great 
upheavals will take place and these will roll off like from a 
steady and increasingly faster turning reel.
The interlocking of this reality with the higher levels of 
5D and 6D is possible, because the dark energies of this 
world – without any chance of return – have been eliminated.
The direct binding of this world with the 5D and 6D earth 
holograms will keep this planet in balance during the great 
upheavals on the surface of the earth. And this point in 
space-time has now been reached, meaning:
The next step in the great cosmic game begins and human 
Beings receive the next and concluding opportunities for awakening. 
God’s Grace still acts, and still – until the very last – can a human 
Being choose the Light, even if he denied it or rebuffed it until 
today. These doors of opportunities are still open and I say to you: 

Not until many face renewed dying, will they turn back, 
yet for many it will then be too late, because this decision
is made out of fear and is not born out of the longing for 
God or does not spring out from the heart’s desire to return 
to God. 

God’s Grace remains fully unaffected by these prospects 
and it works and affects all life. Meaning the opportunities 
are given, yet only very few, in comparison to the world population, 
know how to make use of it.   

Beloved Ones,

The alignment of this world to the high vibration fields of 
the 5th and 6th dimension are fully ongoing and a “balanced 
state” of the worlds has almost been reached; a sustainable 
basis for the upheavals has been created.

Mother Earth goes into the next phase of her metamorphosis. 
The new highly vibrating light lines and light corridors have 
been activated. The ascension of this world with the final arrival 
of the “new planet” in the 5th dimension of All-that-Is goes into 
the next and important phase. 

Keep yourselves ready, because Mother Earth 
is ready for this step into the Light. 

I am


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The Time has Come – ASANA MAHATARI: