26. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transalted by Franz


Beloved Children of Humanity,
Beloved Gods in human countenance,
Beloved Siblings of the heavenly realms:
We are One! Truly, we are One with ALL-THAT-IS.

I am Archangel Raphael and it is up to me to accompany you 
through the coming days and weeks, to guide, to lead and provide 
you with everything you need for your salvation and wellbeing.

The time of full activation of the "central ascension gates" has come!  
This major event had been fulfilled on April 23rd of this year. 
To that day the largest and most powerful "Ascension gates 
and Ascension platforms" were fully activated and are fully 
operative since then. These activations of the first three, the largest, 
the most powerful, and the most fundamental of the ascension 
levels, means that at that moment all 144,000 ascension gates 
that have been created until then, will open.

And this means that, after they have been sealed, their perfect 
function, their service to safely guide human Beings into the Light 
can and will also take place. The opening of all the ascension gates, 
created the world over, is therefore based on the complete activation 
of the three major "origin ascension gates". Ever since this process 
has been completed, it is necessary to wait for the events 
and to expect them. 
This world is now ready to ascend to the next level and all 
human Beings of this world have the opportunity, wherever 
they are in the "last hour of time" to be raptured into the light. 
 Based on the 144 000 ascension gates, this world is fully "covered" 
with ascension stairways, ascension corridors and levels, whereby 
each ascension gate, if necessary, may extend indefinitely in space 
and time. This fact also means that the ascension for all ascending 
ones from that day on can also be realized in practice. What so far 
has been allowed for only a few people is henceforth possible for 
all ascending ones.

Balancing of the Energies 
The great cosmic ascension preparations therefore have reached 
a new phase. From now on we focus all of our attention on the 
"balancing of the energies"; forces which discharge, so that the 
worlds can be separated and therefore the one world is lifted and 
the other returns to its space-time roots of the sluggish levels of 

Until the attainment of this "threshold of ascension", 
it is important to correctly interpret the signs of the time and 
to understand that now the great dream ends and the new life 
begins now. 

Have patience, yes, still! And remain vigilant, especially 
that - be vigilant. Because the events unfold, the space 
and timeless Being is realized in these days. 

All Life is under God’s care. And each life on this earth will 
now receive the healings, which it requires, the divine providences 
that are required and the fields of grace that God holds ready for it.

I am the Light wherein the imperfect becomes perfect; 
I am the force that transforms evil into salvation and 
unhappiness into happiness.

I am

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