14. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

God is being called on – over-all!

I am among you, now, at all time and in eternity. 
And amongst you is God, the Wellspring of all springs, 
our eternal home that reveals itself now: GOD.

Knowledge of End-Time is given
to all Human Beings 
Beloved Ones!

In these days all human Beings of this earth receive the 
knowledge of the upcoming “great event”. To all human Beings 
of this world the knowledge of the upcoming, final and beginning 
events will be conveyed, consciously, unconsciously or high- 
consciously. At the end of time there will be no human Being, 
who did not know something about the upcoming upheavals, 
In such a manner each human Being receives renewed possibilities 
to turn to the Light and to dedicate himself to God with all his heart.
This knowledge affects two things in human Beings:
1.) The turning to established churches and communities or
2.) The energetic link to human Beings, who due to their high 
Light vibration function in this time as an anchor.

Meaning that among all human Beings, who are not 
sufficiently prepared for the upcoming events, great unrest 
breaks out, and therefore one begins to turn to the established 
institutions or to individual “Gurus” in order to find sanctuary 
and to attain protection.

In these days the fact about the knowledge of the upcoming 
change has increased a lot of fear energies in these human Beings. 
Thereby during the Easter holidays 2014 not only were the pictures 
of the supposed crucifixion of our brother Jesus uploaded by the 
millions, but the premonition and impressions of the upcoming 
great events were also uploaded.

Meaning that the healing of the collective energy field 
of fear and anxiety was and is an indispensable necessity 
in order to enrich the ascension process with the necessary 
light quality and in order to keep it stable.
For this service, Heaven thanks you infinitely.

To be noted is the following: 
For most human Beings the greatest difficulty of discarding 
the picture of the crucified one remains therein that in order 
to detach oneself from the fallacy that evolution and transformation 
are only possible through suffering. On any highly vibrating 4D and 
5D worlds, the collective or individual suffering is not a yardstick 
or the driving force for progress. 

It is like that only on the 3D levels and the lower to middle 
4D space-time levels and not always. And our brother Jesus has, 
due to his example, abolished this chain and logic of suffering, 
these false salvation patterns.

Transformation detached from Suffering 
Transformation and the Creation of new Worlds, the attainment 
of new leaps in consciousness are on the highly vibrating levels 
always a joyous, blissful creative process.
A “blood-bath” is explicitly excluded and Jesus’s ministry 
as a great Master bore witness to exactly that.

Meditate on it and please ask yourself the question:
“Do I need suffering and pain in order to bring forth insights or 
am I ready to expand my awareness through easy, mindful and 
uncompromising attention to my shadows?”
In summary I say to you: The unresolved issues in suffering of 
individual human Beings bind all existing suffering patterns and 
imaginations to the collective! An escape is only possible as you 
lift yourself over it and distance yourself from the thinking, feeling, 
sensing, dreaming, speaking and acting of a 3D human Being.
The “resurrection” takes place in you as you overcome all your 
3D conditioned concepts. The time is really ripe for it and has arrived.

Lift up, over what? 
Lift up, I shout to you and wake up!
Lift up like this world rises and awakens, while this world 
wakes up! Yet what does it mean to lift up and to ascend?
Rise above your limitations – above your self-limitations. 
Rise up from the inner and overcome your 3D space-time 

Because the more thoroughly you observe yourself and confront 
yourself in all your fears and imaginations, the easier can you 
vibrate in harmony with the Light that this time sets free.
For years humanity has been prepared for this time.
For years messages have been given so that you do not lose 
the orientation in the world; and so you may find the orientation 
in your Self. And for years human Beings only partake what 
lets their deep injuries be untouched and what does not pertain 
to their unresolved issues. Thereby these human Beings remain 
substantially untouched by the truth that these messages hold 
ready for them.
Meaning that many, too many, human Beings still 
avoid looking at what pertains to them.
Facing the “one” line in the text or the “one” word 
that has been written down, spoken and given, directly for 
your healing. And thereby many opportunities for awareness 
were wantonly left out and missed.

In these days God’s Grace will again be active;
by putting the knowledge of this end-time into the “crib”, 
new leaps in awareness can follow and: They will follow!

“It begins” it was said in the message from the 6D space 
fleet of the Light! And foremost it begins that mankind is now 
raised from its sleep whereby human Beings, in view of the upcoming 
“day of the Light”, may accomplish new corrections and improvements 
in their Being. 

Rise up from your own lethargy! 
Rise up and begin a truly new life! 

How many human Beings are stuck in already outlived 
relationships until today, constantly create new relationship 
dramas and many of you still perform – not because you need 
to, but because you want – activities, which no longer correspond 
to the present status of an awakened divinity?

It is many, too many, human Beings who lifelessly 
form their life in such a way. And this is the matter of 
this phase of the ascension: to act without compromise, 
to be uncompromising and thereby retain your self-determination.
Transformation is the area that I am most familiar with! 
Why do so few human Beings come to me? So few.

Therefore I call on you to become whole whereby you only 
make whole decisions and allow them. Even though the time 
is of short duration, there is still time in order to inherit Heaven. 
Depend on it: Even in the face of the “great event” each human 
Being receives the renewed opportunity to change his choice. 

Beloved Ones,

The days unveil their true value. 
Important things are still ahead for us and Heaven opens.
The light warriors of the first and last hours have fulfilled, 
more than fulfilled, and they stand by mankind until the last 
day in time and until the beginning first day in the time- and 
space-less fabric of the fifth dimension of the Light.

Be aware: All preparations of past times only served 
that this world together with mankind can now perform 
this leap in consciousness.

Regarding global world events 
As follows:

1.) Everything comes to a head, the panic of the dark forces 
brings forth rare and strange “blossoms”.
2.) Mankind rises up, it awakens – and there will be ever more. 
This is a direct consequence of the spiritual light flooding of this world.
3.) The earth rises up to the vibrational level of the fifth dimension 
and it happens when it is expected the least by the human collective.
4.) The humanly divine prevails and any suffering has been overcome.

This fourth point is the completion of this time 
and simultaneously the new beginning.

Until then I ask you to perform full work in your own vineyards. 
Be careful in the coming days and weeks; just like a farmer who
knows when to seed and when it is time to bring in the harvest. 
Remain or become the torch of Light and live the living image of 
love whereby you heal your injuries of your Being, because  
a healed heart is the greatest gain for this and the 
now newly created world.

Victory of the Light, your Merit 
Just know one more thing and thereby this transmission 
comes to an end, know: You have done great work, 
even if many human Beings will search for new experiences 
after unfinished things on old levels. 

The Light has prevailed! And it is your merit. 

With all the demands, which these days ask of you, 
always are aware: Thanks to you this mankind heals 
and thanks to you the planet ascends – into the Light 
of the 5th dimension.

We assist you in all matters. Please strengthen the bond to us, 
the Ascended Masters. Many have forgotten that we exist, 
and we therefore may no longer remind you of whom you are 
yourself. We give you everything! All, as you wish all and as you 
ask for it. And All is: The new life far from time and space, 
and the new life in unison with God and in the bliss with HIM.

I carry you, I hold you, I support you; 
as your heart opens unconditionally to the Light that I am.
Whoever fulfills God’s will lives in unison with all life. 
And to fulfill God’s will means - to be His “will-less” and 
unconditional instrument of Love or to become it with all your will.

I am the peace of this world.
Stand up! Wake up.
Shed your shackles and rise up.


This is the message of the light reading on 
April 18st, 2014 in Vienna.
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages 
published on this website.