19. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
The planet empties, the world is being 
“transferred” and new worlds are created.


The transfer of this world into new holograms, 
whereby all human Beings will find themselves wherein 
they have chosen to be, completes and thereby all healings 
for this world and for this level of Being can begin.
 As soon as all life that grew and prospered on this earth in 
unique multitude, has been cared for, has been preserved for 
all time, the great transformations will happen and miracles 
will come true and streams of tears of mankind – of happiness 
and joy, of grief and pain – will be unleashed. 

All Life in this world will be created anew on 
new levels and will be breathed into reality. 

This is so that this world in a great final chord returns 
to its original point of departure: the point of harmony of all life.
Nothing of what still exists, will remain, everything will be 
created anew. The actual reality fades out, because you are 
lighter and lighter and you become Light.

All human Beings arrive and reach their target.

The transfer of this world completes – the new day begins.

I am

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