8. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: Shortly before midnight I am aware of an unbelievable 
“restlessness” within me. Not uncomfortable, but like before a 
great appearance. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

The “great appearance” of the heavenly powers is ahead. 
Be ready and recognize what is, because in this phase of 
the ascension the sham “light holograms” of the dark ones 
have no further reality and no further existence. This time is 
over in the reality of the ascending ones! Now as the Heaven 
reveals itself to the seeing and knowing ones, the enlightened 
and awakened ones of this time, it is indeed Heaven in order to 
carry you away into the Heavens of which there are infinite ones.

These days have it really in them.
On the stage of the world a unique spectacle unfolds wherein
the previous main actors only function as subs before they are 
also relieved of those roles and are taken to their destination. 
“The last will be the first.” Today these words from Master Jesus 
will be implemented, because truly: The light warriors of the first 
and last hours inherit now the Kingdom of Heaven and mandate 
over this world. 

Now immature and young souls attain the opportunity for growth, 
and the power that they could not manage in this world, will be 
withdrawn from them. Genuine power is not exerted over 
something but is applied for something that serves the benefit 
of a living organism. 

And for that the representatives from the church, 
government and economy on this 3D and 4D level were 
never capable of. New education is necessary for these 
Beings and the time to look at these fallacies in the Light, 
has come for these human Beings.

For the ascending ones this means: Decampment to a new 
world. The “great appearance” of the light fleets, which have
been stationed around this planet for years, the direct intervention 
by God, so that the will of Mother Earth and the will of ascending 
mankind are conformed to, is hereby proclaimed.

Even if superficially the dark ones in this world still dominate 
and spread their evil over this world, the light warriors are 
actually the determining powers in this world. Already by a 
long shot God has scattered his fields of grace over-all, even 
if some levels of this world appear ungodly and portray a 
spiritual desert.

Already by a long shot human Beings have accepted this 
change in resignation or have fully gotten involved in it, 
and according to choice it now happens that the “great 
appearance” disturbs the ones and reconciles the other ones, 
whose pioneer work on this level required a lot of effort.

The World comes to a Standstill 
JJK: Question: For two days I always have the word 
“stop” and a “stop sign” in my head.
Also when I ride my scooter through the city or wait for 
the tram, the traffic lights are mostly on red and the trams
travel one after the other in front of my nose? Is there 
another “delay” in the ascension process?

ASANA MAHATARI: This observation pertains to the fact 
that the world comes to a standstill. All will be suspended 
and stopped. Yet you are still able to go ahead and you always 
arrive on time; meaning that this situation does not really 
pertain to you. The ascension itself is fully according to plan 
and on course. With each day we come closer to the final day. 
The alignments of the worlds of the upper 4D platforms, as a 
basis for the transfer to 5D and 6D, are carefully and consistently 
performed until the ascending human Beings have reached the 
required intrinsic vibration that naturally allows them the 
transition into the new world.

Increase in Intrinsic Vibration 
Presently for the light warriors of the first and last hours it 
is a matter of the increase in intrinsic vibration and this happens 
in an hourly rhythm. This very often also explains the tiredness 
of many human Beings, a tiredness that does not have a physical 
reason. These are the preparations for the direct ascension and 
the interlocking with the vibrational levels of the 5th and 6th 

The time is ripe; the end of the world has come.
The new Life in the realms of Light begins.

In infinite Love


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