24. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Nothing is as it seems!
It is called for to consider this fact in the time 
of times and at the end of time.

The light warriors, those, who have endured and who 
are now carried away into the Light, cannot be diverted 
from their triumph by any force of the worlds, cannot be 
weakened in their will or cannot be unsettled in their decision. 
It has been decided that today all is fulfilled for these Beings. 

The remaining time only serves to perfect 
self and to complete the divine assignments 
in this world. 

Level for level is now being healed and at the same 
time level for level are recognized for what they are.
Light and darkness appear together in unique beauty or gravity 
because the veils lift now and the dark manifests right in front 
of your eyes; before it volatizes and dissolves in God’s Light.
The transfiguration of the human Body brings great changes 
with it and this process requires from each human Being 
much attention, strength and dedication.

This process brings the last inner conflicts of a human Being 
into the light, brings the last still unresolved issues to the 
surface and makes the last fallacies visible. Some pain, some 
physical discomforts are based in these processes, because your 
body adjusts now to the light of the fifth dimension, so that on 
the day of rapture you can enter into the new reality; on the day 
when all your longings find fulfillment.

Based on this important transformation process that existed 
on this level from the beginning, foremost one fact becomes 
clearly visible: The dark, lethargic energies try to find a grip 
so that they may not be absorbed by God’s Light and be transformed. 
These energies find a grip in those human Beings who are only half, 
who have not chosen the transformation yet still pursue it further. 
Meaning that lethargic energy needs a “host” in order to still be 
able to remain on this level. And these hosts must be equipped 
with the intention of wanting to perform transformational work. 
Meaning that these forces haunt many light warriors, who stagnate
now, but still indicate to prefer the path into the light compared to 
any other paths. This initially causes more suffering, pain and 
dramas of many kinds so that a renewed decision for transformation
may crystallize itself. This demands undivided attention from the 
light warriors of the first and last hours, because the dark forces 
also approach these and it is necessary: to remain unmolested. 
The dark forces cannot penetrate the energy field of an actually 
enlightened one, yet they can get to you through human Beings 
who are close to you.

This means to be conscious how energy behaves and works. 
Remain alert regarding human Beings who are close to you, 
but have postponed their own transformational work.
It is these that are taken over by the forces seeking a last 
grip on this level.

The dark energies can no longer hold on to the actual 
level whereupon the light warriors of the first and last 
hours exist; yet they can still linger on as they find human 
Beings whose energy field allows to be taken “piggy-back”.
The tepid and the mediocre are now being confronted by 
their tepidity and mediocrity – until they understand or until 
they close off this awareness.

This process is now valid and has been triggered by 
the prime Source of all Life, so that in a very short time the 
die will be cast also for those human Beings, who until today
stayed far away from the ultimate decisions and from final 
measures in the course of the changes in the world and the 
changes of their own world.
The vibration of the fifth dimension begins to anchor 
itself on this level, or expressed differently: 

The rising of the world on this level has reached 
the vibrational field of the fifth dimension. 

Unimaginable twists occur along the way for human Beings, 
because in a short time all will arrive in the Light, even what 
withdrew itself from the transformational processes of the 
upper 4D-worlds.
Remain alert, and remain careful, 
because the forces of Light release this 
world from darkness. Yet the darkness still wants 
to remain under all circumstances and do not want 
to die the ultimate death.

Much Light and many shadows appear now before 
the time begins, when the Light will no longer cast any shadows.

In Love, in Joy, in Peace


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