29. Mai 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Essay for the European Election 
Held in the past few days


Also this time. The reactions of our politicians regarding 
the results from the EU elections confirm it and show two things:

1.)  The progressing hubris of our representatives. 
This nomenclature of ignorance celebrates their “election 
victories”, not considering the fact that the party of non-voters 
with 56.9% on average in the EU has reached absolute majority, 
right across the political landscape.
2.) How deep the chasm between people representatives 
and the citizens already is and only then “right-wing parties” 
can still claim the appearance of popular responsiveness.

Voter’s Dilemma 
A fact that I principally consider as very serious, 
because each radical group, as soon as it is in power, 
as shown by the recent course of history, has always 
ensured harm of a significant extent and still does.
This is true for the “Right” as well as for the “Left”. 
Yet the citizens have no longer a choice because the 
established parties as well as the younger movements 
in the spectrum of parties (Greens, Pirates) fail completely 
and collaborate with the corporations and the global financial 

That the voter participation in Slovakia was a measly 13 percent, 
in the Czech Republic 19.5% or in Poland a modest 22.7%, totally 
passes by these political stooges, because not a single convincing 
explanation by a politician was given regarding this disastrous finding.

It is to be ascertained: More than half of the qualified EU voters 
found it entirely useless to vote, because they know that not a 
single election so far has changed anything for the better! 

This is even more remarkable that the media pre-election and 
election reports did not mention this. Alone the Austrian 
Broadcasting (orf) pride themselves to have broadcast more 
that 700 television spots before the election.

And nonetheless, human Beings are fed up and they 
have been fed up to be betrayed by these political actors 
day after day, to be sold for dumb and be misled.

Also the clever, long ago recognized “democracy incantation”, 
the appeal from the media and from all political establishments,
one should utilize the absolutely nonobvious democratic right to 
vote, rarely bears fruits, because the voters know that once the 
vote has been cast, there is foremost one thing: lost. 
Would elections really change something, 
they would have been forbidden a long time ago – 
And this impression seems to be strongly confirmed after 
each election. Therefore less and less citizens swallow
the bait of the different democracy placeboes.
Jens-Peter Bonde(66), former member of the European Parliament, 
brings the development of this European Union, at least since the 
treaty of Lisbon (in force since 12/1/2009), precisely to the point: 
“Normally the constitution protects the citizens from the politicians. 
It restricts what politicians can decide between elections. 
The EU constitution and the treaty of Lisbon are different. 
The politicians are protected from the influence by the voters.” 

To bring this European Super State, governed by the 
central committee of EU commissioners, in connection with 
democracy, occurs only to those, who see the salvation for 
all peoples in the global corporate dictatorship and who
together with Jean Monnet (1888-1979), one of the founders 
of the European Union, agree: “I hate democracy! 
It is totally inconvenient.”

Politicians unwelcome! 
Therefore: Our “elected” politicians are neither 
legitimized nor welcome by the majority of Europe’s citizens!  
Instead of making the elected mandates blush, because of this 
disastrous result from the election, resulting from a policy of 
neglecting the wishes of the citizens, our political clowns accept 
the false laurel of their victory drunk in hubris, from the media 
and from taps on the shoulders by the system.

Whereupon they make themselves rare for the next years 
(it was always like that), separate themselves from citizens, 
like we had a contagious disease, and in order to still conduct 
betrayals of people and citizen through the decision of laws, 
regulations and guidelines, which nobody really wants (ESM, 
NSA, TTIP, GMO, nuclear energy, privatization of public goods, 
etc.). The constitutional rights no longer come from the people. 
This however does not the least concern the hard-working EU 
representatives in Brussels and in Strasburg, who are fitted with 
tax-free earnings and highly paid jobs, as long as for them – in 
every respect – other rules apply than for normal mortals.

Also this EU election confirms: 
The broad population flatly rejects the 
European corporate Union with increasingly 
fascist tendencies! 

And also Jean Monnet’s criminal intention, 
“Europe’s countries should be converted into a Super State, 
without the peoples really understanding what happens. 
This must be done gradually, always under the guise of 
the economy. Ultimately it leads to an insoluble Federation”,  
is more and more looked through, despite the “recommendation
of lies” by Jean Claude Juncker, who actually seeks the job of 
the President of the European Commission (“If it gets serious, 
one has to lie.”).

The population knows the game of our mandates and their 
lies – for a long time! Human Beings do not know how to 
help themselves – not yet!
And their super salaries, gross for net, are water on the 
mills of human Beings, rightly becoming more and more 
angry in all of Europe, who increasingly get poorer and 
under the load of taxes, that equals those of the robber 
barons, unfailingly bleed to death. 

The “peace project Europe” 
has failed and was never wanted! 
Because since the Union exists, the social tensions, 
crises and violent protests in the streets of Europe increase, 
and on a global scale the EU becomes more and more a vassal 
of the US imperium, like the CIA ignited Ukraine-Russia crisis 

Logically more and more human Beings turn away 
from the EU dictatorship! And even more so, if the 
losers of the election elevate themselves as victors of 
the election! The turnout to the rightwing parties, which 
the parties obtain Europe-wide, expresses less the will of 
the citizens but more the desperation of human Beings. 

There is fire on the roof of the European compulsory Union 
because the citizens do not want to have anything to do with 
the Europe of the elites. All it still requires is only an igniting 
social-political spark and the “Union of the Bilderberger” is history.

Stupidity as an Attribute 
Panic on the Titanic? Far from it! Because the politician’s 
orchestra of the EU plays jauntily and loudly during their 
own demise. Therefore most actors are unreceptive to 
hortatory words from Ludwig Erhard, (1897-1977, from 
1963-1966 second Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany): 
“Woe betide anyone who believes one could combine Europe in a 
central government, or one could put it more or less under a 
marked central power. No – this Europe has its value, also for 
the rest of the world, in its colorfulness. In its variety and 
differentiation of life.” 

 “Europe in its colorfulness?” This has nothing to do with 
the centralistic Concern-Europe, as it is presently realized.
Yet our politicians, exalted over any suspicion of democracy, 
believe they are worth their money and to be impeccable in 
their democratic orientation. Therefore what applies to this 
cast, also applies to “successful business people”. 

The philosopher and Nobel Price winner for literature 
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) gets precisely to the point: 
“If successful business people truly believe that their work 
is as valuable as what it brings in, they must be even more 
stupid than what they look like.” 

The stupidity as a conspicuous attribute and simultaneous
interface, where all the paths of our representatives cross? 
Yes. Because to ignore the evidence of the increasing anger 
of the citizens toward the institutions and their representatives 
of the EU, confirms this in a disenchanting and catastrophic manner.
Thereby it is necessary for the voters, during each walk to the ballot, 
to orient themselves to the lesser evil and not according to the best 
representatives and programs or simply cast a protest vote! Is this 
only choice we have? If yes, then each election – and here the circle
closes itself – is useless and a pure fraud: Fraud on the citizens 
and on democracy.

In conclusion: “We must, as our part of responsibility for that, 
what happens, and for that, what is not done, take it from the 
public hand back into our own hands.” Erich Kästner, 
German Writer (1899-1974)

And otherwise I demand the unconditional basic 
income as a birthright for all human Beings 0-99.

Jahn J Kassl

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.)

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