10. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Report: Immediately after the receipt of the message 
“vibration measurement of mankind”: 
I am on my way into the city and get into 
a tram. And what I must perceive is a disaster: 
Exclusively human Beings of unbelievably sluggish and dark 
energies. All human Beings, like the scene itself, are very ugly 
to look at; it is sinister, everything is dark and gray in gray. 
On top of that it rains in buckets. Rarely have I been in a place 
where I have perceived this “concentrated exclusivity of dark 
energies” and I muse over it to see what its significance is. 
After its relevance has been unveiled to me, I am almost not ready 
to write down a message about it, because I see what is coming 
to me and sometimes I am tired to deliver “bad news” to mankind. 
Now it is late in the evening and for hours I am constantly reminded 
to capture this observation and to write down the following message. 
(End of report)

Resignation und Motivation 
Beloved Ones,

And it is now up to me to confirm that even though there 
will be an awakening of human Beings on the “day of judgment”, 
this cannot be an awakening for the masses of human Beings. 
This has become quite obvious in the last days, when the vibration 
on this planet had been immensely increased. The presently
prevailing sense of mankind is “resignation”. This will be transformed 
into “motivation” for the in the last moment awakening ones, as soon 
as the event begins; and resignation will increase for the ones who 
could not keep up with this time. 

Many miracles are still ahead, but the miracle that 
the majority of mankind ascends into the Light of the 
fifth dimension of Creation, is not forthcoming. 

Today’s scene in the tram, after the receipt of the message, 
shows two things:

1.) That the train of the sluggish mass of human 
Beings will remain behind in the dark realms.
2.) That the chaff is being separated from the wheat 
and that human Beings are brought together according 
to their vibration pattern and they will find themselves in 
one “wagon”, meaning in a in itself closed world.

Suffering is prolonged, Light in twilight, Love unknown and 
God not present. On the upper 4D holograms the final decisions
are being made and they promise those, who have accepted 
God’s vibration, Heaven, and those, who reject God’s vibration, 
new tar boots in transiency.

Many were foreseen for the ascension.
And many get on the train of time once again;
Everybody according to his vibration and his choice.

With these final words regarding today’s time quality 
I ensure you of my omnipresence.

With my Love

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