16. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
transated by Franz
Dream: I sit at an oval table together with several other people. 
To my left sit the young Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI.) and 
the Viennese Cardinal Schönborn. Ratzinger delivers a highly 
scientific lecture, which I have to interrupt repeatedly and have 
to correct it. Thereby I have the task to teach both gentlemen 
and to instruct them; and whenever they say something that is 
wrong, I immediately stop their talk and correct them. Like two 
little schoolboys they sit there and they are happy, especially 
Schönborn, when they say something that is “correct”. Both sit 
there in their simple priest robes and as I wake up, I think to 
myself, that this is really hard work with the two of them. 
The other people at the table remain hidden to me – or I 
cannot remember them – and in total I perceive the environment 
where all of this happens as “bleak” and “sluggish”. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream portrays what happens on many 
and different levels of Being.

Training Levels 
And this scene pictures that Masters of this time have 
already long ago begun the training of certain groups of human 
Beings. In this case the theme is the “Roman Catholic Church”, 
that human Beings, who are or have been in leading positions 
in that area, will be healed, whereby additional healings of the 
catholic imprint in the human collective will be triggered.

The two “Priests” have been admitted to the training because 
on the level of their soul they are ready for it; their simple 
priest robe in the dream is pointing to that fact.

The “bleak” environment signifies that this training has 
to happen on a level that the students can endure. It is a 
level that is adjusted to their vibration. Just like in a 
“decompression chamber” it is necessary to bring these 
human Beings to the Light gradually.

Trainings on that subject presently happen worldwide for 
many human Beings and they will always be carried out by 
the future ascended Masters who have agreed to this. Thereby 
a soul fragment of the Master takes on the training or the entire
Being of a Master. If it is a soul fragment then the gatherings 
happen on different levels – and at “any time”. Otherwise if the 
whole Being of a Master participates then the sleeping phase 
will be utilized.

For all these training sessions the following is valid:
1.) The Master selects the students.
2.) The students must have the qualification to clearly 
show their readiness to release certain belief patterns.
3.) The Master can at any time interrupt or break off the
training as the adepts back off from individual and necessary 
steps of transformation.

After this world has been leveled, many newly ascended 
Masters will return to different worlds and will teach mankind(s). 
And these instructions have already started and are carried out on 
different levels of Light.

This dream shows and points to the fact how manifold 
life is and refers again to your multidimensionality.

In summary it is to be announced: Many leading forces in Government, 
Industry, Arts and the Churches are presently trained on a subtle level 
in order to attain a more light-filled energy garment. 
For most of the present leaders of this world, who receive this grace, 
the schoolings in the light of awareness, will bring fruits on the next 
level or in a different incarnation. Their actual life on this level is to 
a large degree finished and only a few will radically turn around
– and that solely on account of your gatherings in the Light.

Your service is great, your love for these 
human Beings is an Act of your Grace for them.

You are hallowed and loved - Beyond all measures,


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