30. Dezember 2015


This „Self-Assessment“ was presented at the occasion 
of the 6-Year existence of the Lichtwelt Verlag during 
the 72nd Light Reading on December 18th, 2015 in
Vienna and is published here in written form.

Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Honored Reader, visitor of Lichtwelt-Portal, sponsor of the 
Lichtwelt project and companions on the path into the Light!

Beloved Lichtwelt-Family, 

It is time to make an assessment. 

As we, my brother Karl and I, held the foundation papers with 
all stamped pages in our hands, we knew that a beautiful new
journey would begin for us. We had given up our familiar work 
then and entered a new one. It was a new level, which was 
already familiar to us and now it was possible for us to work 
with full strength.

Since then much developed and much happened, foremost, 
after at the end of the year 2009 the Lichtwelt homepage 
with the blog went online. Over 5000 blog entries, more 
than 5.4 million online visits, 20 book publications, 9 of them
in print form, 14 times the attributes of the “Divine Trigger”
were anchored and in the year 2011 we invited 14 times to 
meditate with the “Divine Trigger”. 
„Mandates for the World“ were given and in innumerable
essays and commentaries I have linked “worldly affairs” 
and “political situations” with our spiritual reality. 
24 different spiritual goods, meaning the gifts from 
All-That-Is or/and from the Heritage of Atlantis are 
available today and from my perspective the spiritual 
nutrition, which we offer today, and which reach human 
Beings anywhere in the world, are manifold and impressive.

Thereby we notice that foremost the messages are 
widely distributed.

So far as is known to us, there are translations in Chinese, 
Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, 
Serb-Croatian and foremost in English. 
Thereby especially the English language area begins to be 
unlocked, because for more than a year and a half we can 
draw on the high-quality translations, both in vibration and 
language, from Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb. 
Our gratitude for it may be whole-heartedly expressed
at this point.

In these years of our publishing work we also had to bear many 
attacks and different hostilities. We learned how to deal with it, 
to neutralize them and fend them off.
Many have certainly prematurely announced the end of the age 
of battles. The rejection of energies, which are not well intentioned 
toward us, is still part of our daily work, so that we may keep our 
environment pure and may be able to perform our work in the 
sign of the Light.

Thereby it is barely different than with you, because today the 
dark energies attach to light-filled human Beings to an extent 
so far unknown, in order to thereby ensure their own survival.

Many messages verify this and point the way for us. It is therefore 
necessary to deal with it appropriately and to set consistent steps, 
far from falsely interpreted neighborly love or false compassion, 
which ends in mercy. 

The Light sword, a sharp and clear mind and a centered 
soul are the instruments in this uniquely challenging 
time – also for us. 

In these Six Years

I was also permitted to experience, just as you, honored readers, 
visitors of the Light Readings, carriers of the Light and sponsors 
of the Lichtwelt project, how you have grown with us. 
The transformation work of these years can obviously be 
seen in our faces. We all have changed, even if we notice 
it the least in us. The tendency to downplay what has been 
achieved and to hide our light under the bushel can still be 
found in many of us. Indeed we have changed and this 
conclusion applies to all of us, as we deal with daily 
life and possibly still quarrel. 

For me it is a fact: Today most of us have 
taken the step into a new reality. 

This is also true, if here and there still known or unknown 
problems appear or if inner demons suddenly appear again, 
which were deemed conquered a long time ago.
This is also true, if we sometimes think to tread water and 
as we despair of this world, because the change does not 
want to come.
Even then we can surmise that today we are different from
6 years ago. In good days we are fully conscious of it, yet in 
bad days this illusion, which we have of ourselves, is all-powerfully 
building up in front of us. Most of us have today definitely and
irrevocably taken the step into the new reality.
And yet we still stand firmly in our daily life and we face all
challenges and phenomena, which are inherent in this matrix.
Thereby we become aware that with every further step into the 
Light not only do we become more light-filled and more loving, 
instead we leave exactly that daily life behind us. The daily life 
is not overcome due to denial, instead it is the conscious looking 
at it and overcoming it, meaning: To see, to accept and make 
peace – with all that is.

The Transformation Work

Of the past years has made us receptive for this access to our life.
And the messages from the Light, which go out from the Lichtwelt 
portal into the world, were of help and served as orientation. 
They are building blocks for a fulfilled life and for the awakening.
I am thankful to be able to convey this together with the whole 

Consequently I am foremost grateful to the closest circle of 
Lichtwelt companions, which brave wind and weather, which 
decisively encounter the innumerable attacks on our work, 
which know to discern and who put their own transformation 
work, as well as our project in total, into the center of their life.

Today, on the 18th of December, 2015 we celebrate the 
72nd Light Reading and it takes place exactly 6 years after 
the first Light Reading on the 18th of December, 2009 
(with the then book presentation of Licht II).

10 Years as „God’s Scribe“

For myself I may ascertain that I serve as God’s Scribe for 
now 10 Years. These were years, wherein my life changed
from the ground up. I did not know that it would come as 
such, because I thought that my life had already radically 

During my intensive time of redemption work in immediate 
preparation for my divine assignments in the years 2002-2005 
I actually had the impression daily that I was like new and there 
was no stone that had not been turned over. Yet after the foundation 
of the publishing house entirely new situations appeared, both on the 
inner as well as on the outer, and a new experience of life developed. 
A family was given to me, meaning, to experience love, new friends 
were given to me, meaning to experience love and so many insights
were given to me on the spiritual level, so that today I can verily say 
that I am also a different person than 6 years ago.

Even though I was pretty much in peace with myself and had 
entered the kingdom of peace, not only my daily life is different 
today, instead my inner perception has changed; more refined 
and more open to the divine Light.
The Light has broken through and possibly until the last 
breath in this world, will continue to break through.
And what is true for me certainly is also true for you.

What distinguishes us?

Please allow me at this point to make a personally important 
remark regarding my doings and beings, a remark, which from 
the beginning of this work is of great significance and remains 
as such. 

I am not a Guru! 
I am neither enlightened or an Ascended Master! 
And should there be anything in that direction, not to 
downgrade my divine nature, I do not know anything 
about it here and now. And foremost: I am neither a better 
nor a worse human Being than you! I make the effort and
fail – often. But I get up in order to prevail in the end, in 
order to prevail over my lower nature.

What distinguishes us?

Furthermore it is important for me to state the 
following in the name of the Lichtwelt team: 

The Lichtwelt Verlag naturally is also not a sect, 
is neither a religious community nor a religion.
The Lichtwelt Project forms a platform, which 
conveys Spiritual knowledge and a high vibration!

We reject, and at this point I expressively speak 
for the whole Lichtwelt team, any adoration or 

Worthy of adoration are YOU, YOUR PATH and 
being a disciple of your own realization. 
You should celebrate and love yourself. 

The claim, which most Priests, Masters, Gurus, Churches, 
Sects or Institutions make, we reject it and foremost we 
do not want to go one bit into resonance with these energies. 

We convey Spiritual vibration and the Light from 
Heaven. Thereby everything is said. 

You are Your Master

But you are your Master, your good fortune and your 
enlightenment. Our work supports you in this awareness 
process and does it without any presumption of being smarter 
or any claim of almightiness – implicitly. 
We have the assignment to offer spiritual nourishment to all 
human Beings and we have the assignment to convey this 
without our own opinions. This is an assignment, which we 
have not only taken on, but foremost have also accepted it 
without compromise.
Therefore we conduct no correspondence or any correspondence 
about the content of the messages published by us. We are foremost 
very grateful to the increasing number of human Beings, who derive
great benefit from our work for themselves, and would like to have 
closer contact to us, but do have understanding for our approach.

This not only makes our work easier, but it also brings oneself 
closer to the divine, because at decisive points in time one has 
to depend on oneself and one does not slide into a useless 
exchange of opinions. 

We foster the independence in thinking and doing, and 
we can heal our essence due to the Light, which we convey. 

We serve every human Being, who is ready to take on 
responsibility for his own life and we turn away all human 
Beings, who confront us with their unredeemed issues – 
without wanting to look at them on their own.
No medical professional can heal, but he can create the 
conditions for any healing and prepare the ground for it. 
Each healing comes from us and EVERY insight behaves 
like that. If we are ready for a gift, it will be given, if we 
are closed, it remains lacking. 

The Lichtwelt Project is a spiritual movement and platform, 
which offers knowledge and spiritual energy. Every individual 
human Being is responsible for how he deals with it and how 
each one makes the best of it.
This cannot be emphasized often enough in order to prevent 
eventual misunderstandings, foremost with new readers and 
companions on the path on a daily basis. I see myself as the 
conveyor of high energies of the high vibration from the Light, 
I see myself as the messenger of the Light and as God’s scribe – 
who conveys what is assigned to me from Heaven – not influenced 
by the course of time or any events in the world. Nothing more, 
nothing less.

Besides that I am one of you, I am a human Being, as there 
are many: Unique, one of a kind and having come into this 
world with my assignments. Like you, who has come with 
your assignments into this world, as a unique, one of a kind 
Light from God.

Any transfiguration of my work due to second or third ones is 
foreign to me and I value if respect, gratitude and love are 
conveyed to myself and to our work. It is a high regard, which 
we also whole-heartedly convey to you, beloved siblings from 
the Light.

Due to your maturity and your self-consciousness encounters 
on a new level are possible today. 6 years in “God’s fire”, formed 
due to God’s smith shop, have made new human Beings and new 
entities of us.

This is a good starting point in order to prevail in the 
“final performance”, like Mother Mary expressed it in
the message of the Light Reading from November 25th, 2015.
Today we celebrate the 72nd Light Reading and it is a great 
inner necessity to say thanks now.

Saying Thanks 

I say thanks to Heaven that it provides me out of the 
never-drying-up Source so that I may provide. Whereby 
I am always astonished what is being given and how it is given.
In particular that such a high vibration is conveyed during the 
Light Readings and it is made accessible. 

I thank all light warriors and light workers, which are interlocking 
with the messages from Heaven and with what we offer and 
recognize self therein.
This creates the new vibration and moves everything forward. 

I thank all human Beings, who support the Lichtwelt Verlag and 
our work financially. Without your donation our work would be

I thank all human Beings, who support our work energetically. 
This is also a valuable support. 

I thank the closest circle of Lichtwelt companions, those 4 friends, 
who work untiringly in many areas for the last 6 years. Due to your 
specific know-how, with the work of your hands and due to substantial 
financial support of our project, much takes form and can then only 
be manifested.

Karl and I feel richly gifted due to your being-here 
and being as you are. 

I thank my brother Karl, who can do everything that I cannot do, 
and keeps everything away from me that is not useful for my work. 
A better cooperation is not possible. 

I thank my family, consisting of 7 human Beings.
And thereby I thank at this point foremost my two children, 
who have to do without me on a regular basis and therefore 
only rarely show up at the Light Readings, because firstly I 
write too long for them and secondly I then also talk too much. 

And finally I thank foremost my beloved wife.  
Can something that is much be even more? Yes, it can. 

(I have consciously abstained from mentioning names, 
except for Franz (translator) and Karl, who appear in public.
For one thing, because I know that this is desired by most as 
such and on the other hand as a protection and as a safeguard 
for the privacy of each individual.) 

The fact is: All of us, who gather in the spirit of the Lichtwelt 
messages, are one great family of Light, which today is ready 
for further assignments. And I am convinced that there will 
also be no lack of it in the future.


In conclusion I dare making a small outlook.
How does our journey continue and whereto does this world drift?
For me it very clearly looms that we are in the middle of the final 
upheavals. This timeline has been reached and the downfall of 
the system is ongoing. The smell of change is in the air and the 
dams break. Whoever follows the events in the world attentively 
will agree with me.

This signifies for our inner transformation:
1.) To continue to work on our issues. 
The vessel must be polished so that God may come in.
2.) On the basis of self-recognition continue to name things, 
inner as outer. Right allocations mean peace; diffuse assumptions 
bring unrest to the soul.
3.) To attain the constant binding to God or to work with all 
strength toward it. There may not be any hour without thinking 
about God, better yet no minute; every second you think about 
God. Are you that far?
4.) To intensify the cooperation with our families from the Light,
meaning, building light circles and light families, and to be among 
rue friends and to exchange with similarly vibrating human Beings. 
Prefer small communities, around 5 human Beings, who cannot be 
5.) To fulfill our assignments with patience. Impatience is torment 
for the soul. We must say goodbye to this so that we may relax, 
become stress-free and avoid premature conclusions. The ascension expectations do not go anywhere; to enter into one’s life is the way 
and to ascend oneself is the goal.
6.) Love, wherever it is indicated and yet distance oneself where 
it is required. Today it is necessary to master this balancing act.
Not in contradiction to oneself, instead in harmony with the 
quintessence of our life, where dark and light-filled levels overlap.

To love and yet to reject, to apply compassion and yet not opening
the door for everyone, to be truthful and yet to remain vigilant. 
Recognize who is ready for the truth and avoid useless sermons. 

To withdraw and to barge in!
Therefore the command of the hour is:
To recognize the right context, to make the 
right allocations and to accept one’s role in the 
game of life. 

My summary: Center yourself. Love yourself. Before you 
start the attempt of loving your neighbor. Be the next 
one for yourself. Love begins in you. Once love is in you 
then love is everywhere wherever you are. Is it not in you, 
no deed, may it appear as “good” as it can ever be, 
can only feign love.

The healing of our hearts is the gift, which Mother Earth 
expects of us, and the Higher Self demands of us. There 
are plenty of the sick, which heal the sick, or the blind, 
which guide the blind. 

What this world needs are enlightened ones, 
who deserve this description, are Lights, 
whose Light cannot be overlooked and are 
Loving ones, who love not for the good deed, 
instead on account of Love itself. 

And all of us work on that. 

Onwards and forward. 

I thank You All. I thank You.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl 

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