5. Dezember 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Under God’s Protection 

Begin to genuinely capture the facts in this world, 
look at what is and liberate yourself from any illusion. 


Come to me, I expect you. If you seek protection, 
you will find it with me.
Whereon do I point your attention in this short message?

1.) We are approaching stormy times and it means, 
to prepare yourself well for it. How? Whereby you 
put your life totally into God’s hands.
2.) The earth changes completely, no stone remains 
on another. This means for every human Being that 
he must adapt himself to new conditions and to the 
events, which trigger these. How? With God’s help
and under God’s protection.

In this message I call on you to put yourself wholly 
under God’s roof and to turn your life entirely over
to God. It is highest time for it.

Too many human Beings have omitted to do so, because 
they have the opinion that self-empowerment excludes 
God’s presence in your life instead of including it. 

Truly self-empowered are those, who find themselves 
in oneness with God, because God and the self-empowered 
human Being are one.


Whereby an individual human Being is alone and is left 
to his own devices is a fallacy. This path leads to frustration 
and to turning away from the light-filled path of realization.
Your self and God are one! Your Light and God’s Light are 
one, your Love and God’s Love are one. Power is given to 
you from God and self-empowerment is the initiation for it.

But self-empowerment is never described as a condition of 
God’s absence, because you yourself are divine. Without God 
you are nothing and everything is nothing. With God and through 
God everything is awakened to life and your life receives Light. 

Self-empowerment means to experience oneself in 
oneness with God. The separation from God is lifted, 
human Beings are awake and are conscious of their 

This is the way and this is the right understanding for it.
This godless world needs self-empowered human Beings, 
which understand life as worship and as a service for earth. 
Nothing more needs to be done, yet this with full devotion 
and strength. 

The light warriors of the first and last hour, which 
sometimes feel abandoned from Heaven, are called 
to get entirely involved with God and to shake off still 
existing belief patterns as well as inappropriate healing 

Falsely understood self-empowerment strengthens the ego 
body. Correctly applied self-empowerment strengthens the 
binding to God, nurtures the soul and is experienced in oneness 
with God. The new human Being is born and the path for the 
Golden Age has been paved.

Come under my roof, because what is impossible for you, 
is possible for me and what a human Being cannot accomplish, 
I fulfill it. Light warriors, who are in service in this time, are 
confronted with different energies. So that you may overcome 
this phase without injury, it is necessary to call on God and to 
entrust yourself entirely to HIM. Who knows you? God. 
Who cares for you? God. 

Who is omnipresent also in your life? God. 

Act accordingly, orient yourself accordingly and enjoy the 
comprehensive protection on all your sacred paths. Every 
danger is banned, any infringement is made innoxiously, 
with those, who have chosen God and carry God in their hearts.

You are never left on your own!
Empower yourself to enter into the deep irreversible 
trust in God. Be ready for the initiation into immortality.

Think about this truth and act accordingly.

I love you infinitely


Christ Consciousness 9
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