19. Dezember 2015


Prophetic Vision of coming Events
With many thanks to the medium for allowing us to publish
this information in the Lichtwelt portal

Introductory Words by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

How long does it still last? When does the ascension come? 
Do we find ourselves in an endless loop of repeating dramas 
or are the day X closer than we anticipate?

Many messages speak of the imminent transfiguration of this 
world, whereby the earth and mankind transcend to a higher 
vibrating condition of being.
As myself, also other human Beings serve as a channel for the 
higher realms of Light and as with myself many of these messages 
give insight into what is ahead. The heavenly messengers and 
entities from the Light communicate with us in dreams, inner 
images or visions. In my view, some of these recordings have 
the power to enrich our path to the Light with new energy. 
And it is up to exactly this, because many light warriors 
see themselves confronted with doubt.

On 11/22/2015 such a vision was reported to us per email. 
A companion, connected in love to the Lichtwelt-Verlag and 
our work for several years, which functions as a medium for 
the spiritual Light realms of All-That-Is, reported to, us as 
follows (verbatim excerpt from the email, in order to 
adequately render the vibration and atmosphere): 

Enormous Mother  Ship Covers the Sky
Prophetic Vision

„Dear Karl,

Look what kind of vision I had yesterday. 

Have diced the 12 (meaning with the Crystal Cube 
of Ascension, rem. JJK) and then sat down for meditation.
At first colors appeared and I was able to sense the Masters.
Then I saw a big human eye…everything in grey…
rather gloomy. Then tears….and at the end the eyeball 
became a drop, which remained attached to the eye.

The next image was Rome…
Extreme golden pomposity…
And the funeral of two Popes.
I saw the golden carriage – very pompous with one Pope, 
who stretched his hands behind, as if he wanted to hang 
on to something – and fell into the depths.

Then I saw church towers and other buildings in 
Rome collapse and a blaze raged…nothing remained.

The next image was very peaceful. I looked at beautiful 
mountains covered with snow and a peaceful gathering 
of human Beings in the valley. An enormous space ship 
(Mother ship) covered the whole sky, but I also saw other 
threatening airplanes. A hatch opened on the underside 
of the big ship and human Beings were brought in.  
(End of Vision)

Therefore it cannot last much longer...
I did not want to deprive you of this vision,
Because I thought it may be of interest to you.“ 
(End of excerpt from the email)

This is without a doubt a „prophetic vision“, which should 
be of extreme interest for all of us. Foremost now, as some 
look feverishly toward the change and many expect the 
day X with great longing. And such revelations lift us so that 
we may face the immense challenges of this time with new 
strength and new courage. Thereby it is furthermore necessary 
to remain focused and to internalize the concept of the Now. 
This means to overcome any impatience and even better still: 
to not even let it come up or pay attention to it! Until the 
“hatch to ascension” also opens for you.

For myself the special significance in this vision is the fact
that Heaven, as threatening (“airplanes”) the situation also 
seems to be, finds us and stands by us (“Mother ship”).

Babaji says: ”God knows where to find you, no matter 
how well you may hide. God seeks you as long until 
you accept His offer to return to the Light. 
God is full of Longing for you!” 

Therefore we have enough cause to face the 
unforeseeable and all reason for joy.

Because the great time of Grace has begun.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

Room for Grace – Archangel Metatron 
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