21. Dezember 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

The earth is enshrouded in the great protective cover
of Heaven and this membrane of Love guarantees the 
completion of all processes of the ascension, which are
still outstanding.

I am amongst you.

Light realms and Light entities have positioned themselves 
around the earth and on earth, now that the dark forces 
bring out their last cannons and move into position for 
the last battle. 
The protection, which you partake of, is comprehensive and 
impenetrable; may come what will, may happen what must 
happen or will happen, what since the existence of this world 
builds up and looms closer. Energies of unimaginable extent 
wait to appear and to be discharged. And in the meantime 
the Light entities remain unharmed, because due to their 
inner Light they are bound to a higher vibration field. 

Whose heart is pure and whose soul is redeemed, his life 
occurs on a different level than on the one where the 
discharges appear, will still appear and must appear. 

And yet exactly these human Beings find themselves in the midst
of this world and they find themselves in the middle of the events.
Even though they remain unharmed, they live through and 
experience the change at the frontline.

This paradox has a reason: so that due to the high vibration 
of individual human Beings the process of discharges remains 
“stable”, meaning that the world does not get out of joints in 
the process of this great upheaval.

Heaven and earth, light warriors from the subtle and physical 
world together go through this time and our power of Love 
keeps the world in kilter and brings all human Beings to 
their designated place.

The living Mother Earth heals, and the living planet earth 
is restored to health; in good fortune for the blessed ones, 
in sorrow for the suffering ones.

Everything occurs for the wellbeing of all.
A world changes its face and regains its divine countenance.

I am amongst you


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