14. Dezember 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I tell a former friend in no uncertain terms that 
I no longer want anything to do with him, because I find 
the manner in which he deals with human Beings and his 
ways of manipulation repulsive. After that he changes his 
whole behavior and becomes biddable. 
In the next scene I find myself out of nothing in the middle 
of a master examination, it feels like for the master ship of 
a cabinetmaker. And as I pass the exam, an indescribable 
feeling of bliss overcomes me. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

Children of the One God, which we all are!
I am the Mother of all Life on all levels of All-That-Is.

New pathways open, portals into infinity and what has
been long in waiting occurs: the longing of human Beings 
for peace and good fortune is being quenched. This dream 
picture points precisely to this time quality, how urgent it is 
that you renounce all evil and to turn your back to darkness, 
no matter whom it comes from. This guarantees you remaining 
unhurt and enables the dark ones to change their behavior 
toward you.

This appearance, which is characterized by decisiveness and
courage, marks the point of awakening, because truly, whoever 
turns away from darkness and expresses it clearly, hurries toward 
his master ship in great steps. The “master examination” in the 
dream describes the status of some human Beings, who have 
freed themselves from all illusions and are ready to appear 
without compromise.

Darkness no longer has power over you as you become aware 
of the one that surrounds you and as you consciously step out 
of this energy field. Your present tasks as a human collective 
are to manifest your power and according to your divine 
consciousness lift this world out of its hinges. 
What can darkness achieve against the Light? 

The time of great miracles is a time of you becoming 
aware. The more you are conscious of your own Light, 
the easier you will rise above this time and the events 
will not reach you. 

God walks on earth and the Mother of all Life has straightened 
up human Beings, so that the seemingly unchanging may 
change now.

I am amongst you


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