26. Dezember 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz 

Dream: I want to get something from the cellar. 
Yet four big, thick and black spiders attack me and 
under all circumstances want to prevent my visit.  
(End of dream)

This is a self-explanatory dream, whereby the “spiders” 
represent the 3D matrix, and their “web” shall not be
endangered, it is successfully defended.


In this dream picture it is clearly brought to light that 
the “system” defends itself against “invaders”. 
The “four” points to the four corners of the world, 
meaning: the old system is defended in all places
and is protected from its downfall. The spider serves 
here as the weaver of the old and new world order, 
which wants to stop any light-filled influence.

This dream picture describes exactly the actual situation 
on earth, whereby the fight between Light and dark, good 
and evil, is carried out.

Status of Self-Empowerment 

In this dream picture it is of protruding significance that Jahn 
dares to go into the “cellar”, which represents the low-vibrating 
3D and 4D worlds. This states that the light warriors are rising 
up and have gone from the victim status to the status of self-
empowerment. The dark is actively and offensively looked for, 
in order to remove it. Whoever has met one’s own darkness is 
not afraid of darkness in the outer – and thereby this encounter 
can take place. Today the light forces go against the forces of 
darkness on more and more levels. The wind has turned in 
this battle. The “visit” of light warriors can no longer be
stopped and is no longer stopped, also then, when the 
current defense measures of the dark ones still succeed 
(Spiders in the dream, JJK).

The most significant message of this dream:
The victim status is cast off, and the days of 
self-empowerment have truly begun. 

It is a dream, which describes quite well the actual 
time quality and the new dynamic of the change.

I am with you and I am amongst you.

I am

The Big Bird 
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