1. Dezember 2015


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: I am in Vienna, initially in the 2nd district, then in the 
1st district. Thereby I observe the human Beings walking past 
me; their facial expression, their behavior, and how and what 
they speak. While in the 2nd district the manner of expression 
is less refined, in the first district mostly „Schönbrunner-Deutsch“
is spoken. (Schönbrunner Deutsch is the form of High German, 
which after the late 18th century was spoken in the Viennese 
imperial residence. Wikipedia) 
Totally independent of these specifics of the language, I perceive 
the energy of human Beings as very uniform. Everywhere I recognize inconsideration and unconsciousness. Human Beings walk through 
the city like remotely controlled robots, which obey to their own 
programming. The Bible describes this.

„Corruption of End Time“:
2 Timothy, Chapter 3
This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, 
proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, 
incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more 
than lovers of God;
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power 
thereof: from such turn away.
For of this sort are they, which creep into houses, 
and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away 
with divers lusts,
Ever learning, and never able to come to the 
knowledge of the truth. 

Everyone looks out for himself, independent of origin and
independent of social class and independent of his degree 
of education. The vibration of human Beings is uniformly 
directed toward self-interest, the next one is seen just in 
time so that one can sidestep, but not really recognizing or 

And the longer I dive into this uniformly heavy vibration of 
human Beings, the more urgently this sentence comes to mind, 
which I initially block: „There is no hope for these human Beings.“  
While this sentence repeats in my mind like in an endless loop, I look 
at the sky and see: A great white layer of clouds, which delimits itself 
from the blue of the sky as if it was painted to the sky or was pasted to 
it. It is a totally unreal picture and I am reminded of easily recognizable photomontages, whereby one thing has nothing to do with the other. 
„The levels are entirely bounded!“ my inner voice remarks. 
(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

Indeed the game of finiteness will continue for many human 
Beings – for very, very many human Beings! Nonetheless it is 
necessary to do everything so that human Beings may come 
closer to their divine spark, because every insight, may it even 
be so insignificant, serves the progression of human Beings and 
thereby serves the uplifting of a future world.
Nothing is in vain, also if the sight of this world, as one is 
confronted with the lower vibrating matrix, is depressing and 
barely let hope or confidence come up.

Recognizing and making the Right Decisions 

The worlds have already been separated and many light warriors 
already vibrate on a high level. These light entities are again and 
again sent to lower vibrating levels, because they need the pictures 
of this level for an accurate view of the actual situation in this world. 

The right recognition of the actual situation on earth is of 
great significance, because based on it the right decisions 
can be made. 

As long as you still have something to do with this matrix, 
you must also be able to recognize it accurately. 
Otherwise it can subtly exercise ruler ship over your thinking 
and sensation.
If a human Being suppresses the facts, he will be captured 
by illusion and the clear view begins to become turbid.

The „inconsideration“ and arrogance are significant factors, 
which today appear everywhere. Human Beings can no longer 
hide or hold back their suppressed needs and inadequacies. 
The Light performs its work and the minefields on the inside 
of human Beings explode. The inner unredeemed tensions can 
no longer be endured and like a pressure cooker, which explodes, 
it discharges what must be discharged. It is no exalted view, no, 
it needs to be looked at without attachment. Eliminate the fear 
of the Light and after each such view, put yourself back into the 
center of your heart and orient yourself toward Love and peace.

Human Beings will also furthermore and increasingly portray 
themselves in their true garment, the ones, who have nothing 
to lose anymore and the others, because they think they have 
already won everything. If rich or poor, each human Being will 
be examined today for the quality of his inner essence and the 
degree of consciousness is revealed and it shows the way, 
where many human Beings walk now.
The inner pollution of mankind comes into the light of the 
world and it becomes obvious that the fruits in the vineyard 
of the Lord are rotten and that the tree of Life is withered.

Shift in Perception 

Significant in this observation are foremost the white 
clouds, which delimit entirely from the blue sky and do 
not seem to be part of it. This points to the fact that the 
levels of 3D, 4D and 5D are entirely separated from each 
other and that the light warriors stay on different levels. 
While the consciousness can be oriented toward the 
4th or 5th dimension, a human Being can wander in 
the physical level of 3D – or vice versa.
This also explains to you the sensation that very often 
you do not feel “right” in this world and that something
may seem very often unreal to you. This impression 
develops due to shifts in your perception. It is important 
to understand that the different levels overlap and penetrate 
each other, but yet is bounded. Vibration fields of different 
levels penetrate each other, but do not touch each other.
To understand this is very valuable and explains much, 
otherwise it remains not understood.

In summary:
1.) The light warriors of the first and last hour move 
between the worlds.

2.) The discharges of the 3D matrix increase and human 
Beings encounter their own thoughts and emotions, and 
mankind encounters the collectively unredeemed energies.

3.) The levels are delimited. Meaning, whoever possesses 
a light-filled and from low influences freed vibration field, 
remains an observer in this end game and is not an actor.

The time of the great upheavals is still ongoing; 
your service on earth is still taking place.
Also if the high levels of All-That-Is since long ago 
make themselves known and surround the planet, 
the work on the ground is still connected with great 

Please know: The time of individual as well as collective 
turning back is a continuing process over centuries.
And as you have turned back, also many of your 
human siblings will turn back….

But you will be transfigured long ago and will 
have attained perfection in the Light of the Creator.

I am with you at all times,
I am


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