8. Dezember 2015



Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

What is a good Deed? 

Whoever acts without intention does a good deed!
Whoever cultivates unconscious or conscious self-
interests can fake a good deed in front of human 
Beings, but this deed cannot stand up to heavenly 


This held true for all times and also today is part of the social 
development of humanity and part of the growth of an individual 
human Being. Who decorates oneself today with “good deeds” is 
nothing more than a good actor, who more or less skillfully plays 
something for the spectators that does not correspond to reality, 
meaning, the status of self-realization.
Let us pick up the thread, where does the fallacy begin?

1.) The „good Deed“ contaminated 
by Self-Interests. 

These are behaviors, which unconsciously or consciously aim 
at receiving praise and recognition for one’s own deeds.
An impure soul and a soul plagued by many overlays always
has a tendency to get from the outside what it cannot get from 
inside. Respect, admiration, praise and self-worth. This soul will 
undertake everything, in order to equalize the lack in self-worth 
and thereby has the choice between a “good deed” and a 
“bad deed”. Meaning, to look after this balance with actions, 
which are accepted in society, or with actions, which are 
rejected in society.

These mechanisms very often work subtly and in tis regard only 
very few human Beings act consciously. Whoever “helps” a human 
Being always also helps himself. 

Yet as soon the expression of “help” is consciously 
replaced by “duty”, the energy changes.

2.) Help for Self-Help 

This is the way, which attracts redemption and whereby each 
human Being, who mediates this “help”, derives great redemption, 
just on its own and without any contribution, for himself.
„Help for self-help“ points in the right direction.
Yet what is really meant by it? It is meant that if the causes for
an anomaly have been addressed and as a result are consistently 
eliminated. Here we talk about the treatment of causes instead 
of symptoms.

JJK: Based on the actual immigration and refugee crisis 
in Europe, this is quite obvious?

SANANDA: Here the train travels in the wrong direction; 
this is a fact and is obvious.

JJK: But is it not of help, as one gives bread to each human 
Being, who suffers from hunger, or as one offers the possibility 
for residence for those, who are stateless?

SANANDA: What you have done to the least of mine, 
you have done to me…. Yet not all human Beings, who 
pretend suffering, do not really suffer. Oftentimes they 
create the appearance of “the least”, while in their hearts 
it looks like a murder pit. Arrogance likes to disguise itself 
with “humiliation”, as long as the desired goal has been reached.
This is one level necessary to be looked at. Secondly we need to 
look at “helpers”, because whoever suffers from hunger, does not 
distinguish about who gives him the bread, which satisfies him. 
Whoever does not have lodging, also does not distinguish about 
who offers him lodging; the need is too great in order to be able 
to deal with it. The difference is solely the intention of the “helper”.

JJK: And how can one recognize these intentions?
When do I deal with a human Being, who only pretends 
help and when is it authentic?
And whereby does one recognize true help and genuine helpers?

SANANDA: Truth can always be discerned from untruth due
to the willingness to look withut attachment at what is. If this 
willingness exists, then everything is recognized! Who looks 
and observes individual human Beings, very quickly sees the 
whole and correct picture. Many human beings are afraid of 
this, because they are not used to look at something accurately. 
And thereby the circle closes, because: 

Whoever is inexperienced in letting the Light into one’s 
own heart, must capitulate in face of the deceptions in the 
world. Only the one, who knows self, can apply the power 
of distinction! Who has never seen the unknown in one’s 
soul, must remain blind to the unknown in the world.   

Regarding „helping” and “helpers” with respect to the actual situation 
of the migration to Europe, the greatest driving force is the feeling of 
guilt! Collectively human Beings in parts of Europe feel that they are 
also responsible for this exodus and therefore welcome all human 
Beings without reflection.
Human Beings feel guilty for the fact that they have contributed to 
the cause that human beings must flee from this misery and that 
they have a better life. They carry a heavy burden due to this 
shared responsibility, which is experienced mostly as guilt.

Is this justified? Joint responsibility, yes, guilt feeling, no.
How can this situation be solved? Whereby the right 
allocations are recognized on all levels.

This work has great urgency. Neither are all human Beings 
in need of protection, nor have the true causes in its essence 
been looked through.
This can be recognized in the unreflected manner how the heads 
of state and the human Beings, who help, deal with this issue.
Whoever thinks clearly, directs the attention to the background 
and names the causes.

The removal of the causes must always be the goal and exactly 
that does not occur so far with those, who are responsible. 
Other interests are pursued here, and even though bread and 
shelter help human Beings, the human Beings, who it pertains 
to, will at the end of the day remain behind disappointed.
This disappointment will bring forth many conflicts and those, 
who consciously traveled to Europe with dark and destructive
intentions, will stoke these conflicts. In total this is a process 
of great implications and rings in a new phase of transformations, 
which at the end will bring forth the light-filled new human society.
And so we have arrived at the point, when true help is recognized 
as a duty for every human Being:

3.) The pure good Deed 

Is then affected as a human Being is freed of any intention 
and follows his humanity. Foremost on the unconscious level 
all issues regarding self-worth must be redeemed.

Whoever ties a „good deed“ to his ego, because he is receptive 
for praise and lives from acceptance, receives all rewards in this 
world. Which means, 
In God’s Light it does not count what you have done,
instead why you have done it. 
The inner motivations make a human life sacred and exceptional. 

To feel obligated to performing help due to unredeemed 
dramas and issues is a low level of insight. 

There are very many human Beings on that level, who no matter 
where and how perform “help work”. Instead to help themselves 
many human Beings devote themselves to this replacement action, 
adorn themselves with it and encounter with disdain those, who 
keep a distance from it.

The arrogance of the “good people” jumps out everywhere and 
it is a sign of this time, when up becomes down, good becomes
evil and war is reinterpreted as peace.

JJK: Meaning, to give bread to the hungry and a shelter to the 
homeless is always worthy of praise, yet it is not always tied 
to one’s salvation?

SANANDA: Whoever really does some good does not notice it 
himself! A mother, who nurtures her child from her breast, 
never would have the notion that she is doing something “good”. 
She acts entirely according to nature. The inner attitude and the 
degree of maturity of the soul make the difference.
It is correct: Whoever adorns himself with good deeds or 
calls himself “good” acts on a low level of development.

Why do human Beings call themselves good? Because 
they still have not eradicated the bad in themselves.

Because as soon as a human Being has eradicated from his 
essence low intentions, the “bad” and the “unrefined”, the 
need for judging oneself as “good” has disappeared. It is 
like it is, and to the point. These human Beings do not cause 
a stir with their deeds. Their thoughts are clear, their souls 
are freed from any guilt feelings and they are always 
sovereign in offering help or to deny it.

For an awakened and self-conscious human Being any 
“help” is not a question of pressure from society, instead 
solely a question of the individual decision and of pure 
compassion impeded by nothing.

Who is “good”? Call God “good”! Good is God alone.
God may perform a “good deed”, but never a human 
Being – may he make as many efforts – who is guided 
by self-interests and unredeemed issues.

God is good and you are good, 
as soon as you are equal to God.

With these words I bless you


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