24. Dezember 2015


Message from the eBook  
The Biography of Jesus, Part I 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Rüdiger Franz Rauskolb

Honored Readers,   

Again and again it is a joy to read the actual story 
of Jesus’ birth and childhood. Therefore you find it 
published here and today at Christmas Eve.

Love, Light and Grace is the gift,
which Jesus brought to us due to his birth. 
May this Grace also flow through you
and may His Love touch you. 

In Love
Jahn J Kassl


Birth and Childhood
Jesus Christ

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

My heart is filled with joy that so much energy of love is in you.
And this inner light shines ever more so that it visibly for us 
flows into the whole Universe.

Today I give you a view into the time of my birth, my childhood 
and the experience of life of my early years, in the life of Jesus 
on earth.

My birth had been prophesied and therefore my mother Mary 
knew out of which power the fruit in her belly grew from. 
And the stars pointed the way for the Wise Men to us in
order to deliver their gifts of praise.
This happened in the spring of the 4th year of your calendar.

My childhood went off without worrying and I breathed the 
healthy as well as loving environment of my parents. Even 
that we traveled frequently I always had the feeling of absolute 
safety and within me the trust in all that IS, was strengthened.
So I grew up, my brothers were born and my sisters.

My first years were shaped in the feeling of love 
and the “having arrived” on earth.

My parents were fully conscious of their assignment and 
everywhere where it seemed necessary to them and when it 
was possible they accompanied me in a wonderful manner.

Slowly I was made aware of my assignments.
Much was preordained by tradition, as I was from the house of 
David and this fact explains that I should adopt the title of a king. 
But until then there was still some time.

We write the year 12.
At that time our family was in Egypt, in Alexandria.

My father worked in the profession of a “carpenter”. 
But this description does not fully correspond to it, 
because the whole planning, from the drawings to 
the construction of the house, were to be done.
At that time I was introduced into the Jewish community 
of Alexandria, and it was a very beautiful time of learning 
and understanding.
I spent entire days in the rooms of the temple 
reading the scriptures.

We lived in a small house and our family lacked nothing.
Everything was always there that cared for the physical
wellbeing as well as our spiritual growth.
It was a feeling of absolute trust in God that accompanied 
our family, wherever we were. And my parents had this 
deep inner realization so that they never worried.

Slowly the temple became my home.
I spent more and more time there, and the brothers of this
community were open and I was able to spread out my questions 
to them. My inner need to learn and to gain the knowledge about 
the last things grew.

In this time I also began to accept the contact with my teachers
within me. Due to my intuition and the capacity to hear “God’s
voice”, it was already very early possible for me to attain an 
understanding that baffled many human Beings.
The interpretation of the scriptures was a fundamental issue 
of so many discussions with the scribes.
In Alexandria I was able to practice this and gradually I 
attained a comprehensive knowledge about our assignments
and our life on earth.

As the situation in Jerusalem quieted down and it seemed to be 
of permanence, we returned and when I was at the age of 12 
I was officially introduced into the local temple.
My acquired knowledge about the scriptures and my way of 
presenting it, surprised many and some were in awe because 
of it.

Jerusalem’s Jewish community was dedicated to the scriptures 
word by word and the easiness with which I talked about it, 
as well as my interpretations, were not really desired.

While my family grew, after Jacob followed Simon, then 
came Judas, my path began to spread out in front of me.

Often I forgot the “time” around me while I listened tom 
God’s answers. The power of Love began to expand within 
me and often it seemed that I merged with the whole world. 

“The freedom which I bring is not of this world, 
and yet it will save this world.” 

I grew into this consciousness.

My daily life was the one of a youth in that area.
To help my father in his work, whereby to learn his skills, 
the play with the siblings, whereby we had a great ball game, 
similar to your soccer, and often we were many young human
Beings who shared the joy in it.
Among them were later companions along the way, and in 
this time my capacity for healing also became apparent.
Wherever somebody injured himself I tried to give my healing 
power. Either I put my hands on the painful section of the afflicted 
one, or I concentrated and sent “light bundles” into the energy 
field of human Beings.

This capacity attained years later a great strength, and wherever 
I was, a light-force emanated from me that changed human Beings 
and healed them. And in these early years I tested this divine blessing.

In those years my mother was busy to provide for the family, and 
her softness and love towards all human Beings was for me a source 
of pure insight that showed itself through her actions in daily life. 
For her there was never good or evil and any judgment was alien 
to her.

So she never talked bad about somebody else and her 
heart was full of kindness and mindfulness.

A deep inner understanding for the partner carried the love of 
my parents, and often I had the impression that this love grew
over the years, because I could see it in their eyes how close 
their hearts were in reality.

I was able to unfold in this environment, and the preparations
for my mission found their continuation in the year 18, 
whereby I began to absorb the “pure teachings”.

My acceptance in the Essene congregation outside of Jerusalem 
built the “logical” continuation of my path in education and growth. Understanding and becoming.

In those years I attained the essential capacities and all the 
knowledge about the true reason for the existence of us human 
Beings here on earth. My brothers in Qumram transmitted much 
to me, yet I had received the essential part through my ever 
expanding light channels.

My heart was unconditionally open and so I was 
able to join in fulfillment with the world beyond ours.
These were the years toward becoming adult in physical 
as well and foremost in spiritual manner.

In this time we met frequently, because John was also a brother 
in the congregation, somewhat older and on his way to spread 
the message of purity, rightfulness, humbleness, clarity and 
dedication to God – far advanced. Already as children we 
recognized each other, and even though we did not see 
each other often, a common quietly felt familiarity and
an understanding surrounded us, beyond words.

What joined us was the dedication to God and the knowledge 
about our assignments. And in those years the recognition 
strengthened about the significance of our birth in that part 
of the earth. Often we sat for hours on a rock or in the shadow 
of a tree, in the sand of the desert or in the courtyard of the temple.

We talked about our Father in Heaven and how the eternal return 
into the Oneness may be attained. Yet most of the time we spent 
in silence. In rapt contemplation and joined with the Source that 
brought us here, brought us together and enlightened us.

Finally the time had come and John went there in order to 
unfold his assignment all by himself. There was a great 
farewell festivity and many tears were shed, foremost tears 
of joy. Because a goodbye is never forever and everybody 
knew that the mystery shall be fulfilled.
And everybody felt a deep connection to his brothers, 
beyond all limitations that our body puts on us.

The following years made him widely known, because his 
sharp mind and his ruthless dedication to the truth did not
remain unnoticed.
Meanwhile I went through my “processes”, my consciousness 
increased steadily, it grew what was assigned to me and I 
unfolded my divine consciousness.

Full of peace I said goodbye to my brothers in order to 
begin my for the moment “last” journey.

I took off for Egypt, Syria and to Greece. Yet this journey 
guided me into my heart, into my inner and I faced my
eternal expression of Love in the consciousness of 
All-that-Is of all Life.

While this happened I visited many villages and cities. 
Thereby I studied human Beings and their behavior,
their intentions and motivations. Their story was an open 
book in front of me, I read their thoughts and could see their 
feelings. It sharpened my sight and the answers about the
significance of a human life were given to me.

Over and over again I went into retreat and often I was immersed 
for days in conversation with my Father in Heaven. With the heavenly messengers, the Masters beyond the veil and with the brothers and 
sisters of my spiritual home.

In these years of travel I finally turned toward my all-encompassing 
Being and I fully accepted what was given to me. So I grew into the
shoes that were fitted to me, now my family were human Beings of 
the whole earth, all living creatures and every consciousness in 
God’s Creation.

When I returned to Jerusalem I was a different one 
and yet I was who I always have been: WHO I AM. 

“….and so I stepped into John’s water and my heart was filled 
with joy, the sandals were left behind on the shore and when 
the water of the river Jordan washed around me, a great 
peace spread, all around us and in the hearts of human Beings.

So it was sealed what had been destined from Eternity.
The omnipresent union of human Beings with God, 
the union of Heaven and Earth.” 

Beloved Children of God,
We are all one and joined by the power of omnipresent Love.
Accept this fact and unfold your beauty.
The oneness can only be experienced.
And truly, we ALL are one.

You are infinitely loved.

Jesus Christ 

The Biography of Jesus, Part II 

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