17. Dezember 2015


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Anarchy of the Enlightened Ones is the goal, which this 
world rapidly steers toward. It is a condition, in which each 
human Being appears self-responsibly for the benefit of all. 
Base tasks due to self-interest, exploitation, murder and 
manslaughter are over. This great time is being prepared 
now and it continues to expand in you day by day. You 
are brought into your power, you are being empowered 
and you are empowered. 

The process of healing continues on all levels, until the 
point is reached when human Beings meet on a new level.
The process for human Beings of becoming aware is fully 
ongoing, and the day is close when an ignition spark jumps 
over to all. Continue to educate yourselves, transform your
issues, pay attention to each success on your way to 
perfection and celebrate this occasion in style.

You may face yourself with great respect and humility, 
congratulate yourself for what has been achieved and 
orient yourselves for the last steps.
Detach from fear, detach from anxieties, whereby you 
perceive them consciously and redeem them in the Light 
of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.

The great swarm of heavenly forces stands by 
you and stands ready – so that you may attain 
freedom and may experience bliss.

The gift of freedom is given to this world, whereby 
you subordinate everything to becoming aware.

It is our goal that the human society is guided and formed 
by enlightened ones. Anarchy, which creates Life and does 
not destroy it, because an awakened one lets all his power 
flow for the benefit of all.

You are empowered, you are blessed, 
and you are under God’s care.

You are That You Are.


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