7. Dezember 2015


Carry out educational work and boycott 
all minion products!

written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The Minions: Harmless, cutesy figures or overkill 
for our children?

Developed in the think tanks of the CIA and in Hollywood’s 
animation studio, the clumsy pipsqueaks shall instill in our 
children the devotion to evil and awaken the love for crimes.

The shopping malls are full of them, especially now before 
the holidays; everywhere the small yellow creatures laugh 
at the children. My son (4.5 years old) made me aware of 
the minions, as he recently brought home a book from 
the city library: Long live King Bob!“ 

The Story is quickly told and goes something like that: 
„Die Minions Stuart, Bob und Kevin have a plan: They 
look for the greatest villain in the world in order to serve 
the villain. (For Minions there is nothing more beautiful 
than to help villains. It seems to be in their blood.) 
At the very end, after many years of searching, they 
have finally found their perfect master: Scarlet Overkill, 
the worlds first-ever female super-villain!“ 

This „perfect Master“ therefore shall be made into 
a criminal role model for our youngest ones.

„Rob for me the crown and all your wishes will come true.“ 

The minions certainly do not want to pass up Scarlet Overkill’s 
direct invitation and find themselves with Scarlet’s husband 
„Herb“: „He is an inventor and also very evil.“ In the end the 
Minions succeed in stealing the crown of Queen Elizabeth II 
of England, but Bob claims it for himself, instead of giving it
to Scarlett, and is crowned the new King of England. 
„How can you dare!“ Scarlett yells angrily, „Minions 
must serve the villains and not adopt their plans!“ 
Whereupon Bob gives the crown to Scarlett.
And Bob declares: „From now on super villain 
Scarlett shall be the new Queen of England.“ 
This is a short description of the seemingly harmless 
story, told with charming figures, in order to extinguish 
the Light in the souls of our youngest ones and put the 
seed of corruption into it. 

The next generation shall be made fit for the NWO, 
and thereby any means are justified by the elites. 

What can no longer succeed in total with the adults, 
shall be fulfilled with the children: They shall be educated 
into devoted dumb slaves of a degenerate evil elite and 
find this also good – really “cool”. 

„The dumbest calves choose their butchers themselves.“ 

The Minions (Synonym for mini: little, puny, inane, 
insignificant, tiny) shall mentally and emotionally attune 
our children to the evil, malice and to crimes. The faster 
our youngest ones come in touch with the dark forces, 
the better.
The puny Minions function as a Trojan horse in order 
to pollute the light-filled souls of our children from birth 
on and in order to reprogram them. Besides gender 
madness and the thereby connected early sexual 
education of our youngest ones, needing 
the most protection, the Minions are another 
low point in the overfilled list of NWO impositions.

I ask myself: How is it possible that this movie is 
allowed for any age and that the book is recommended 
for reading for first classers? Where are the school authorities, 
the Ministry for Education and where is the outcry of the media?
Any „full-nipple-slip“ seems to outrage more people than 
this madness! It is already well known that the world is sick, 
but that it is already that far, should show us all how deeply 
we stand in front of the abyss on the one hand, and how 
close we must stand to the great purification on the other 
hand. For me it creates less anxiety than foremost courage.

(According to the Motion Picture Association film rating 
system, in the US the movie is rated: PG = parental 
guidance suggested.


Parents need to know that Minions is the highly anticipated 
prequel to the Despicable Me franchise, focusing on Gru's 
beloved yellow sidekicks. Although no children are in peril 
in this installment of the franchise, the appeal of villains/
bad guys is a central theme, and there are several scenes 
of cartoon violence that are played lightly/for laughs
(explosions, freeze guns, torture devices). 
The actual "body count" is low and mostly involves the 
Minions' non-human/bad guy (a T-rex, a yeti, etc.) 
bosses. The Minions speak a made-up language, but 
there are a couple uses of insults like "idiot" or "screwed 
up." And there are some glimpses of basically bare Minion 
bottom, as well as some other mildly suggestive scenes 
(implied nakedness after losing a swimsuit, bottom 
squeezing, a couple embracing, hypnotized guards 
stripping down to their boxers and dancing/slapping 
each other on the rear, etc.). One male character 
dresses as a woman, and at one point the Minions 
pile on top of each other to disguise themselves 
as a woman (earning a chest ogle in the process).

Like the other Despicable Me movies, the story can
be seen as a celebration of villainy (though much 
of it is intended to be silly/funny) -- but the long-term 
take away is hopefully more about how loyal the Minions 
are to one another and to their masters. Parental Rating: 
age 9+) (Source: commonsensemedia.org)

Yet we still have to cover a certain section of the road 
until the ultimate upheavals and we still have to fulfill 
our assignments. In this sense I urge all human Beings, 
parents, teachers, psychologists, doctors, priests and 
generally all adults, which are confronted with this issue, 
to educate others, foremost there, where they have 
taken on responsibility for children.
For school boards and film commissions this can only 
mean to restrict the age for viewing the movie and 
neither allow the book or the movie for basic school. 

The Minions are indeed overkill for the soul of children, 
oriented toward Love from birth, and are not a „funny 
reading book to the movie” as it is erroneously written 
on the back cover of this book.

Say that to people and foremost to your children!
Verbalize it, do not worry about the useless gossip of sheep 
of the system, which do not notice that they are ruled by the 
What do we want, that our children become something or 
what do the children want?
Little servants of evil or great and courageous lights?

Yet Universal Pictures and Illumination (Illumination 
Entertainment is an American animation film production 
company, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007. It has an 
exclusive financing and distribution partnership with Universal 
Studios and it is based in Santa Monica, California.[3] The 
company is best known for its first animated feature film  
Despicable Me (released in 2010), its sequel, Despicable 
Me 2 (2013) and its first $1 billion dollar highest-grossing 
film and  prequel/spin-off to the Despicable Me films,  
Minions (2015). (Wikipedia) pile on.

Actually there is a short movie available, in which the 
combative yellow manikins conduct a contest, which 
ends in chaos. And naturally out of chaos develops the 
New World Order.
Hollywood, which for years intensively cooperates with
the CIA (today no movie can be realized without the 
okay from the CIA) know how to poison the souls of
little children. Movies and books, as well as merchandising 
products, recklessly, brutally and foremost goal-oriented, 
appeal to the lower instincts in human Beings.
Our young ones unconsciously absorb the message
of the Minions like sponges and instead of cooperation
rivalry is fostered and the evil deed replaces the good one. 

For us this can mean only one thing:


This perverted seed shall never rise in the hearts 
of our children! 

If overkill, then for the creators of this 
hellishness, but not for our children! 

Jahn J Kassl

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