11. Dezember 2015



Written by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

"Policy of looking away now has an end"
(Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, 12/5/2015)

It becomes more and more apparent with each day what 
these immigration floods truly mean and what explosive 
force is inherent in this population migration. 


At Macedonia’s border conflicts and protests of turned back 
immigrants are a daily affair. Only with great effort are the 
local police capable to maintain control. And the refugees 
chant: „Open or die“ 


There was a massive brawl In Austria in one of the asylum 
camps. The distribution camp in Leoben was like a powder 
keg. 300 unaccompanied young men from Afghanistan are 
housed there, as violence escalated there on 12/4/2015.

DiePresse1 reported: 
[Mass-brawl in refugee camp: 25 arrests 
13 Police patrols had to intervene in a brawl at an 
asylum camp in Upper Styria, which is inhabited by 
unaccompanied youngsters. 

A fistfight among mostly under-age refugees in an asylum 
camp in Styria caused the injury of three people in the night 
to Friday. 25 people were arrested, according to the State 
Police. 13 police patrols from the city of Leoben as well as 
from two districts were necessary in order to separate the 
fighters and to secure safety for refugee families, according 
to police. The cause of the skirmish is still not clear. According 
to police inspector Franz Moisi, members of different Afghan 
tribes attacked each other with boards, rocks and fists. The 
exact course of events must be reconstructed with the help 
of interpreters, taking a lot of time. The arrested ones are 
investigated for brawl. 21 of the arrested ones between 
16 and 17 years old are held in custody in Leoben, the 
other four in neighboring districts. 

Boards and rocks as weapons 

An employee of the refugee camp – a previous construction 
material business site – had alarmed police around 11 p.m. 
that a mass brawl was ongoing.

The situation was completely confused; the young asylum 
seekers were partially armed with boards and rocks.
According to Franz Moisi, the camp houses about 300 
under-aged refugees and 123 other persons – mostly families.
Ultimately the police was able to separate the rivaling groups. 
Three people were treated at the hospital in Leoben for broken
noses and elbow injuries. The majority of the arrested ones 
suffered bruises.
According to Franz Moisi, this has been the first great incident. 
The previous construction material business site is not well 
liked in regional politics.]

No wonder that the mayor of Leoben, Kurt Wallner (SPÖ),  
demands immediate measures, like the reduction of the
number of refugees: „Citizen no longer feel secure“,  
says Wallner.

Here are additional excerpts from actual media reports 
regarding the asylum chaos in Austria. Even the mainstream 
media can no longer look away – foremost the newspaper with 
the highest number of readers – and report about the situation 
very offensively.

Precarious Asylum Situation

Kronen Zeitung2 04.12.2015: 
[Furthermore no border controls, brawls in one of the 
asylum camps in Styria and after the blood-bath in the 
US, it appears that a trace could lead to the Islamists – 
 Near-East expert Karin Kneissl analyzes: "We are in an extremely 
precarious situation." With the "Krone" she spoke about acute 
security problems. 

"Recently I was in Israel and in Lebanon. The people there only 
shake their heads about our policy of open borders. They ask: 
'How can you allow to let all these people come to Europe without 
controlling them? You do not know what you are getting into", 
criticizes Kneissl, that "obviously the State no longer has a 
monopoly on violence". 
As well as the terrorists hidden in the streams of refugees, 
the radical Muslims, which were born in Europe, are actually 
a source of concrete violence, warns the Near-East expert:  
"In the attacks in Paris there was a mixture – travelling 
perpetrators supported the terrorists born in France." 
And in the young "European" Islamists there is "a great 
hate against the major population" in France, Belgium, 
Germany or Austria.
Kneissl: "I sometimes listen to them in the subway, how 
these young men speak in Arabic about us Europeans. 
We are in an extremely precarious situation." 

"More terrorist groups, which act independently" 

Also regarding the killer couple in the US, where it deals with 
recent immigrants, Kneissl sees this as a sign for a terror motive:  
"There are now more groups, which act independently. We know 
this in the example of Toulouse." In March of 2012 the 23-year 
old Mohammed Merah had killed seven people, among them 
three Jewish children, before the police killed him.
At that time the French Right accused President Sarkozy to 
underestimate the Islamist danger – this was three and a 
half years before the series of attacks in Paris.“]

Maladministration in Islamic Preschools
Also this report has it in it:
Kronen Zeitung3 04.12.2015 
[Most severe shortcomings in Islamic Preschools 
They are controlled just once a year (and pre-announced), 
European values are rejected, and many operators are 
connected with the Muslim brotherhood or the Salafist scene:
The already 150 Islamist preschools alone in Vienna do not 
contribute anything to the integration of the next generation – 
this shows a study, which Integration Minister Kurz published 

"Education methods are practiced, which shall protect the children 
there from our – European – society, because they reject the values 
in Austria, the way we live here, and also the role of women", 
summarizes the author of the study, University Professor Ednan 
Aslan, who teaches at the institute of Islamic studies, his 
research paper.

And these are the main problems of the 150 Islamic preschools, 
where up to 10,000 boys and girls are cared for: 
1. The communication in these preschools is mostly in their 
mother language (Arabic etc.) and not in German. This leads 
the one-year obligatory preschool year ad absurdum.
2. The caretakers of the children also do not have sufficient 
knowledge of the German language.
3. They live in isolation from the majority of the population.
4. Their own religion is put above any other religion.
5. Boys and girls must learn to memorize sections of the 
Koran in Arabic.
6. In issuing licenses, party politics play a major role, 
according to Aslan.
7. The carrier organizations have “Salafist tendencies” 
or connections to the controversial Muslim brotherhood, 
which supposedly also supports terror networks.

One example: The head of one of these preschool carrier 
organizations is Mohamed Jamel M. According to a government 
study he supposedly is "one of the highest leaders of the terrorist 
Muslim brotherhood in Europe and counts as one of the Islamic 

"Policy of looking away now has an End" 

"It can certainly no longer continue in this manner”, 
 Integration Minister Kurz wants to push through immediate 
measures: First in all preschools German must be spoken, 
secondly these preschools must be controlled more often 
and unannounced – and thirdly before a license is given to 
any carrier organization, a checkup must be mandatory.
Kurz to "Krone": "The policy of looking away now has an 
end, we demand a clear avowal to our values, to our life-style." 
Also regarding this topic of immigration, the title of an excellent 
editorial from Journalist Christian Ortner fits quite well: 
We simply awaken "in the smoking rubble of the welcome policy"4.]

Federal Army in dire straights

ORF5 06.12.2015: 
The deployment at the borders as part of the refugee 
crisis paralyses the Federal Army:  An internal document, 
which is available to the APA, reaches this conclusion. The 
deployment affects other units. The document also warns of 
personnel shortages, if the developments continue, and sees 
the training of new recruits in jeopardy. Further problems 
are the mobility, “which de facto are no longer there.” 
Austria’s Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner on 
12/6/2015 talks in the Ö3-Sendung "Frühstück bei 
mir" about an “Overload of Austria, which can become 

Graz: Siegfried Nagl

And finally the Mayor of Graz Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP) puts his 
fingers deep into the open wound of the refugee policy of the 
Federal government, especially of Chancellor Werner Faymann.

Nagel is upset, because „if one does not see what happens in 
our country on a daily basis, one gets angry in the stomach. 
There is a wide chasm between those, who make the laws 
and those, who carry them out.“ 

In an open letter to the government Nagl reminds the responsible 
ones that they should protect the borders and their own citizen.

Nagl writes: „everything that common sense offers, is negated in
many words from the side of the government. Militant intolerance 
cannot be met with tolerance, because it is immediately 
interpreted as weakness. We need a State that thinks about 
how to protect itself and its citizen! From people, who deal with 
drugs, from people, who fanatically put their religion above 
democratic and societal values.“ 
(Kronen Zeitung, Printausgabe, 06.12.2015)

Nagl expects from the government an upper limit of 100,000 
immigrants for Austria, with the distinction between genuine 
refuges and non-genuine ones, whereby the latter should be 
sent back. Criminal asylum seekers should be “immediately” 

Furthermore the Mayor of Graz demands to close all Salafi 
Mosques, wherein one preaches against democracy and human 

Something languishes here… 

It is obvious: Also for our politicians, independent of party 
affiliation, the impacts come closer and closer.
The violence, which many of the new arrivals utilize in order 
to gain access to Europe and the disregard of the majority of 
these people, let the alarm bells ring also in the ears of our 
politicians. This is good and it is high time for it.

Even our Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) recently would 
like to „hinder illegal immigration“ and „reduce the number 
of asylum seekers“. Unquestionably he still has not told us 
how he would like to accomplish this, but: nonetheless.
Something languishes in someone.


What does everything have to do with us? 

With us, who we walk on the Light path, declare ourselves as light 
warriors, and who have anchored our consciousness on higher 
vibrating levels of All-That-Is?
Have we not overcome the depths of the controversies 
in 3D a long time ago?

I say: No, because otherwise we would not be here as human 
Beings of flesh and blood. This means for each one of us that 
we still need to carry out our assignments, there, where we 
stand. It is necessary to create the new earth on the basis 
of deep trust in God.

It is not a question if we want to interfere or not, instead 
it is a fact that due to our birth on earth we are mixed in 
with the developments and the societal processes!

Because, if we want it or not, the events take their course, 
and it is up to each one of us to give these events the desired 

In conclusion: We are co-creators of this earth and God sent 
us to this earth, otherwise we would not be here. And whoever 
knows this and knows his assignments, also knows his place in 
this great and demanding game.

Also regarding the actual population migration.

Jahn J Kassl

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