12. Dezember 2015


…and the world returns to God’s Love 
and mankind enters into the Light.

Message from the Light Reading  
on November 25th, 2015 in Vienna

Photography © 2014 Jens Schnabel, Munich 

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Tranlsated by Franz

Beloved children of the One God, who is everything, 
and all are coming from. Children of the Light, sprung 
forth from the loving womb of Mother God of all Life.
The time is ripe in order to unveil the essence of this 
time in additional facets. 

God is great and God is good; and good happens 
to you and great things occur in this world. 

Love and Wisdom

Love prevails on all levels and Love heals everything that 
requires healing. The love of a human Being has the ability 
to do everything as it makes use of the power of distinction 
and is directly bound to the divine will. If this is achieved, 
I speak of wisdom; because Love and wisdom are inseparably 
connected with each other.
The days are coming; great and becoming greater discharges 
and manifestations shape these weeks. Mankind is in the middle 
of the “final performance” before the ascension. Each event 
appearing today serves the purification and the cleansing of 
the whole world, of a world, which upswings from the deepest 
darkness to light heights.

Already soon, very soon,

Will this world be ruled by a new consciousness, 
which for decades you have been oriented to.
Already soon, very soon,
You will face your siblings from the Light and we will 
meet, see each other and recognize each other – 
from countenance to countenance.
Already soon, very soon,
Love will rule and hate will be extinguished from this 
world, because it has been extinguished in the hearts
of human Beings.
Already soon, very soon,
The triumph of the Light will visibly shine into the whole 
world and only the human Beings, who cannot attune and 
orient themselves to this new reality, will remain behind in 
the world familiar to them.
Already soon, very soon
will the Wellspring of All-That-Is speak to you human Beings 
and will make a last offer for turning back and already soon, 
very soon will millions of Angels, which you all are, ascend 
or will remain far from the Source.
Already soon, very soon
and in the midst of the greatest extent of discharges will 
each of you, beloved Ones, experience what it means to 
be under God’s protection.
Already soon, very soon
will good fortune be revealed to you and the loving and 
omnipresent ONE GOD, creating all Life.

Already soon, very soon, everything will be different.

What still needs to be fulfilled until then?
How shall and can you shape your days?
Where should you direct your attention, 
and what still needs to be done?

In restless times inner calm and inner peace attain great 
significance. When there is a storm and the waves are high, 
the consciousness of your own origin attains great significance.
When the world seems to go under, the knowledge about the 
actual context gains great significance and it gives you the 
necessary hold in challenging hours.
Therefore it is necessary to remain in intimate connection 
with self and with God. 

Only a human Being, who is bound to the cosmic 
energy, which is Love, can be Love and can give Love. 

Thereby you recognize what Love is, how Love vibrates 
and what even dresses in love but is not love.
Deeds are asked of you. Yet what kind of deeds?
Please look deep inside. This time and the events of time 
reflect very clearly to you where you stand internally. 
What still requires redemption? What has already healed in you?

Begin to perceive your “healing successes” and celebrate them. 

In each event recognize the new chance to get even 
deeper into trust in God. 

Today the world stands at the point when everything, 
absolutely everything is unveiled. This is necessary so that 
Mother Earth and mankind thereby may attain liberation. 
In this process each of you individually perform a specific role.
Accept it, and act there, where you, as living, loving human 
Beings, recognize where Love falls on fertile ground and 
where it falls on barren ground.
I have come in order to bring you the message of Love. 
I have come to encourage you to act with wisdom and 
internally remain bound to Love for all Life.
You have worked for many lives toward these hours and 
are expecting this time. Now this section in time has been
reached – it fulfills itself. 

The dark powers threaten mankind and thereby 
devour themselves. 

Remember this fact, because God has come down 
to the earth of all earths, to this your world. 
And with God we are amongst you. 
We, who we are: the great star seed of Love.

I am the Mother of all Life 

Room for Grace - Archangel Metatron 

The Light Reading is in German. Yet energy is not bound 
by language barriers and therfore every human Being, no 
matter what one's language is, can experience the Light 
Reading lifestream or on location. 

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