27. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: In the Sauna two men talk about a house eviction, 
which in these days happens in Vienna, and which has been 
reported in the media. Thereby the men give an insight into their 
worldview; a lack of love and empathy are the most salient 
characteristics. I think to myself: “they will still experience a lot, 
before they recognize” and “there is still a lot of work waiting for 
us” as we return to the 4D levels. And actually I have zero ambition 
for it…., in the locker room I hear another two men babbling dumb 
things and my thoughts from before return: “Much work that is 
waiting for us.” (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

New Orientation of Assignments 
After we have done the work on this level and have returned 
into God’s Light, a new determination and new orientation of 
your assignments takes place! 

Nobody of the future ascending Masters is obliged to implement 
under all circumstances a decision, which was made under very demanding conditions and from the viewpoint of a limited human 
point of view. Know: As today, you, who are standing in service in the 
middle of this world, say that you would never return, because you lived 
what you came to live for, as soon as you attained perfection, this 
decision will be newly looked at and will be supplemented with 
an encompassing viewpoint.
As you say today that your task is to serve this mankind “eternally”, 
this will also be subjected to a renewed consideration; in the all-knowing 
of your consciousness and after you are perfected on all levels.

This truth describes the arrival gift of the Creator, 
to human Beings, who have affected unique, outstanding and 
immeasurable things, because they have completely transformed 
a world and with it a whole galaxy, and have uplifted it.

Therefore do not feel bound by decisions, 
which you make with regard to your further 
assignments here on earth. These altogether will be 
newly looked at in God’s all-knowing Light and will be 
newly oriented, so that for you it is fulfilled, what on all 
levels of your Being strives for fulfillment.
Now to the short scene, which Jahn describes.
Indeed much work waits for those, who have chosen this, 
because the different 4D worlds are, the lower they vibrate, 
a true challenge for every enlightened one. This scene reflects 
a world that lacks empathy and this kind of human Being can 
actually be found in great numbers in this uplifting world. This 
fact means that there must be very many discharges, because 
the separation of the galaxy, whereby star after star enters into 
the new world, is equivalent to the redemption of this lack of love. 
With every planet, which enters into the new galaxy of Light, certain 
issues in this world will be redeemed. Everything is truly interconnected 
with each other.

In these days it is of great value not to give in to any illusions, 
because the number of human Beings, who can describe themselves 
as Saints of the old days, is, even though it increases, very, 
very small. Until the end human inexperience (young souls) predominate, 
the human ignorance (human Beings of middle soul age) or the fear of 
change, because what has been achieved wants to be preserved or 
the incomplete transformation is viewed as completed. (Light warriors 
and older souls, who have lost their orientation).

These three components determine the modes of 
action of Light Beings, who we all are.
This galaxy transforms and stars take a new place in Heaven. 
And with each “separation of a star”, new transformation energy 
flows to the Mother planet of transformation, the earth, which 
you know and call your home.
Meaning, the discharges become more massive and ever more 
regions of the earth are reached by the planetary and societal 
transformation. Until also this world falls into the suction of the 
magnetic upheavals and the final events, according to God’s 
instructions. We are a great and invincible power. We have emerged 
from God’s origin and now we return to God’s origin.

The Light has prevailed!
Never in time has this truth been so visible, as now, 
because the pillars of the world are removed and are sinking down.

The game is over and Life begins!
The illusion has ended, Love, joy, peace, kindness 
and grace – affect everything and are everywhere.

Together with mankind I return into the Light.
With the Masters among you I decamp in order to 
build new worlds, in order to exploit new realities.

I am that I am.
The golden-violet flame of transformation is my instrument, 
which I offer to every human Being, as soon as he calls on 
it and is ready for it.

I am that I am


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