1. September 2014


Essay opposing the prevailing 
Western War rhetoric against Russia
written by Jahn J Kassl
tranlsated by Franz

We are ruled by mentally ill and emotionally squalid 
people! Otherwise the blatant absence of political foresight
and human empathy of our politicians cannot be explained. 
Thereby the media play an important role, as helpers, as 
instigators and propagandists for a third World War. The 
unbearable lie propaganda of the Western media continues 
in the example of the Ukraine; irresponsible and stupid, 
nothing learned from two World Wars. 

Russia supposedly marched into the Ukraine – “photos of proof” 
presented by low-level NATO ranks shall support these lies. 
For days the media drum up these untruths and even high-ranking 
NATO representatives do not want to be directly connected with 
these photos. Rather cryptically than concretely do they formulate 
their assertions. Neither NATO-General Secretary Anders Fogh 
Rasmussen nor the NATO-Supreme Allied Commander in Europe 
(SACEUR) General Philip Breedlove would like to follow in the 
tracks of Colin Powell.

Colin Powell 
It was him, who on February the 5th, 2003, as US Secretary 
of State, legitimized in front of the Security Council of the United 
Nations the long ago decided war of the Bush administration 
against Iraq – with falsified proof. That Colin Powell years later 
distanced himself from George W. Bush and his environment and 
not only admitted his lies but quite credibly regretted, does not 
make alive the millions dead, does not make the uranium deserts 
fertile and does not heal the crippled human Beings. A late 
admission is, with regard to the results, little, and cannot replace 
an indictment in front of an international tribunal. Because this lie 
was the ultimate fall of man of the USA and put a crown on top of 
all the untruths of decades ago.

And this system of malice has reached Europe due to the 
conflict in the Ukraine, which was stoked by Washington, 
and now becomes a tragedy for the whole world.

After 9/11 
What after 9/11 began with Afghanistan and the Iraq, 
was expanded to Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other 
parts of the world, today reaches Europe and is an integral 
part of the lie politics of the Kiev-Neo-Nazi-Junta as well as 
the actual Obama-Administration, the NATO war mongers and 
the EU. 

The States, which were “liberated” by Washington and NATO, 
experience sheer horror since their “democratization”.
This will without a doubt go into the history of mankind 
as the most capital crime of mankind. 

This requires a very long dock, whereupon the Nazis of present 
time, the Clinton-Administration, the Bush-Administration, Obama 
with his vassals and the circles behind them will be held responsible 
in front of world publicity.

Satellite Photos, MH17 and Majdan 
In the actual and increasingly acute Ukraine crisis, 
the Russian General Major Igor Konaschenkow, Speaker 
of the Russian Ministry of Defense, said on 8/28/2014 that 
it does not make any sense to even comment the satellite photos. 
Whereby the strength of proof is sufficiently described. 
Russia knows how to deal with Western lies, because the 
downing of flight MH17 solely served Kiev to declare war to Russia. 
That in the meantime the shooting down of this passenger jet 
can be blamed on the Kiev rebels more than Russia becomes
increasingly clear. Alone the locking of data regarding the 
Black Box speaks volumes. Jewgeni Serebrennikow
Vice President of Defense Council of the Russian 
Federation said about the supposed invasion of Russia into the 
Ukraine: "We have already received several explanations from 
the Ukrainian leadership, which quickly turned out to be lies. 
Now we are witness to another hoax." And the OSZE also has 
no proof for the use of any Russian troops in the Ukraine. 
Obama naturally counts wholly on Kiev, the assessment of 
NATO and in addition heats up the explosive atmosphere 
by threatening Russia with new sanctions. Thereby proofs 
are only hindering.

And the EU vassals? In the meantime they follow 
Washington willingly. Also the High Representative
for Foreign and Security Politics of the EU, Baroness 
Catherine Ashton blows into the same horn. 

The whole Western world of Politics seems to have 
lost their mind and it follows the imperial logic of the USA. 

The New World Order of the Elites requires victims:
From us. Or has any Politician in the recent history of mankind 
ever served on the front? Nothing is reported about this. Shy 
of the front and nonetheless total war mongers, Obama’s fine 
servants in Kiev heat up the war rhetoric: Ukraine’s President  
Pjotr Poroschenko and his Prime Minister Arsenij Jazenjuk. 
 The first one, without ever presenting any proof, boldly alleges 
that Russian troops have marched into the Ukraine, whereby they 
violated the sovereignty of the Ukraine, and the last one blatantly 
pleads for early NATO membership of the Ukraine, what amounts 
almost to a declaration of war against Moscow. Both war mongers 
escapes the fact that at the break-up of the USSR and the reunification 
of Germany, it was promised to Gorbatschow, that NATO would not 
expand towards the borders of Russia, because under all circumstances 
it is necessary to drive Russia into a great war.

The New World Order with the USA the sole super-power 
(at this time the USA have troops stationed in 155 countries) 
requires this course of action, before the BRICS States (Brazil,
Russia, India, China and South Africa) strengthen and become 
an insurmountable fortress.

„Successful“ nuclear first strike 
Thereby fitting is the actual military doctrine of the USA, 
namely: That a nuclear war can be won due to a “successful” 
first strike.

No later than now it must be clear for all: The fuse burns! 
Poroschenko promises the purchase of weapons in the value 
of 3 billion Euro! For a country that is practically broke and 
can neither pay their gas debts of 5.3 billion US dollars to 
Gazprom nor can pay for the daily accumulating new debts 
(Kiev is without warm water since several days!) this course 
of action of the government is an outrage against the population.
Furthermore this “setting of priorities” makes it clear, 
how ruthlessly Poroschenko, Jazenjuk, flanked by the 
Nazi regime in Kiev and by the West, act:

In order to slaughter its own population with helicopters, 
bombers and artillery, weaponry is being purchased;
in order to guarantee a warm winter for their own population, 
there is not one single Dollar available for it. 

And this reality is totally blinded out by the media whores, 
totally as this never exists. Possibly the winter will also be 
cold even for us. The energy dependency of Europe from 
Russia is great.

And at the latest those, who promote the war today, 
will have cold feet and will have a first inkling, 
of what war really means.

At this point we meet the truth. Far from ridiculous “photos of 
proof” of the supposed intrusion of Russian troops into the
Thereby it is totally clear to me that Russian units have 
to operate in the Ukraine, because why should Russia, 
besides the autonomy endeavor of this region, forget the 
ethnic Russian population in a time, when they are facing
an incredible genocide? 

„The Russian side is ready to offer humanitarian aid to 
the population of Donbass, which suffers a humanitarian 
catastrophe, and we will deliver it”, says Putin quite clearly. 
And it is also clear to Moscow that the course of action of the 
Ukrainian military forces is a reminder of Hitler’s Wehrmacht. 
The fascist German troops encircled large cities and destroyed 
these with precise shelling including the inhabitants.
This is exactly what happens in Eastern Ukraine and stray 
bombs carry out their gruesome work on women and children.

And with all of this: The suspicion that a few Western journalists 
even believe what press agencies spit out and after that have 
to deliver it, is obvious, but does not make things any better.

Nothing learned from both World Wars 
Our world is so crazy, so mentally deranged are our 
politicians and the media representatives.

Nothing learned from both World Wars. It is absolutely corrupted 
Gestalts, who make use of the media or take on the main direction 
of their political efforts from the media. Both relevant groups of 
society foster a third World War with every spent word and with 
every line, wherein they hound against Putin and Russia, whereby 
unproven accusations are brought forth continuously and half truths 
and lies are spread.

A huge responsibility, which these propaganda instruments 
of the NOW take on and there will barely be one human Being, 
who wants to be in their skin at the end of the day.

Bild, Spiegel, FAZ & Co 
In the actual conflict from the beginning the black joker has 
been assigned to Russia and to Putin in the Western media 
and this shall, according to Bild, Spiegel, FAZ & Co also 
remain like that. Let us remember:

1.) Majdan. Who has shot at whom? Where peaceful demonstrators 
really only peaceful or where well-paid CIA “revolution professionals” 
in their ranks, which let everything escalate?
2.) Shooting down of flight MH17 by Russia? Dead loss. Today 
the facts point to the conclusion that the Kiev Junta committed 
this crime, in full agreement with the West, against Russia, 
in order to pull it into war.
3.) Food transport with 280 Russian trucks (400 tons of grits, 
100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of baby food, 54 tons of medical 
instruments and medicine as well as 12,000 sleeping bags). 
The assertion of Kiev that this amounts to an invasion by 
Russia under humanitarian excuses never could be verified. 

While the aids convey was stuck at the Ukrainian border for 
several days, the slaughter of their own citizens continued. 
The cynicism of the Ukrainian government can barely be 
outdone. Sometimes the words are missing. All in all: much.

The Silence of the Lambs 
The German Chancellor Merkel, who until now liked to give 
up “Rights of Sovereignty” for the NOW, gradually sheers 
off from this warpath.
Merkel strikes new and conciliatory sounding tones against 
Russia: „A military solution of this conflict will not happen”,  
she said in her ARD summer interview on Sunday the 24th of 
August, 2014. That Merkel on 08/28/2014, after a telephone 
conversation with Obama, was brought back on course, is obvious,
finally she declared in unison with the Nobel Peace Prize Drone 
Laureate that Russia’s action may “not remain without consequences”. 
Is this just a clever chess move in order to keep the White House
in a good mood, while in secrecy one builds a future-oriented axis 
Berlin-Moscow? We will see and the coming days will show, if a 
rethinking of the system dinosaurs can be recognized. It would 
be desirable and it is also necessary.

Yet about also this, nothing will be reported in the media! 

The silence of the lambs is absolute, 
and their demise will be likewise.

Final result for the diaries of the writers: 
„Journalism means to publish something, what somebody 
else doesn’t want to have published. 
Everything else is public relations.” George Orwell (1903-1950)

Is there a way out? 
Yes! Due to our consciousness and by becoming aware! 

Never again World War! 

Look at it, do not deny it, and call a spade a spade. 
Write until your fingers hurt, cry out until your voice is hoarse, 
speak out the unspeakable; at every possible opportunity.
The more of us do this, the faster will be the demise of the 1%.
It requires our clarity, our lack of fear, our courage.
Meaning: To name things by their name. Even if it is unpopular, 
even if the conspiracy club is also swung, even if we face the 
malice of the system and of human Beings, who incorporate 
this, at every corner and end. 

Never again World War! 

Today it is necessary to fully alertly give a name to the events, 
which happen in this world, to give it a face, give it a color. 
So that human Beings develop a feeling, a sensation for this 
truth and out of them can oppose it. 
As long as a human Being suppresses this reality it will remain. 
It is time to lift the carpet of silence, in order to make public the 
horror, which crawls from under it. Because pin-suit Elites in Politics, Corporations and Media want to divide the world among themselves; 
and we are not part of their new world – not you, not me and also 
not the journalists, who so willingly knuckle under the system!

Therefore great programs are being pursued, which shall decimate 
mankind! Or do you still truly believe that the vaccination 
program of Bill Gates saves lives, that the seed and gene policy of  
Monsanto fosters the health of human Beings and eliminates hunger 
in the world or Obama’s nuclear first strike doctrine will make the 
world into a place worth living?

Look at it! 
Look at it, we are not present in the world of the Elites!
Look at it, in the world of the Elites we are only “stupid pawns” 
(Kissinger) on the field, which will be sacrificed at the very 
first opportunity.
Look at it, in the world of the Elites there are no morals, 
because it hinders their interests.
Look at it, in the world of the Elites a life is insignificant, 
because they stray through the world like the undead.
Look at it, in the world of the Elites power counts and 
they disrespect the impotent.
Look at it, in the world of the Elites war means peace and peace 
is war, good is evil and evil is good, above is below and black is white.
Look at it, the world of the Elites interprets itself and mankind 
has to follow this interpretation.
Look at it and set an end to this unworthy situation by you: 
Waking up.

Recognize: The war has arrived in Europe, in order to 
spread across the whole world – like 1914 and 1939.

Do not go there, when it also knocks on your house door! 
Remain at home, emigrate or hide! Refuse every order, 
which aims to kill a human Being! The weapon is not a “bride” 
but an imposition for every human Being, who is conscious 
of his humanity.

No matter what you are being told, remain with it, because: 
The wars of the Elites are their and not our wars!

Last-minute-panic of the Elites 
Obama’s power and of the persons behind him is dwindling, 
the system staggers.
And Obama himself is just a life-less shell for the puppet 
masters in the shadows! These dark Gestalts know this.
Therefore in these days we experience a certain “last-minute-panic 
of the Elites” on the world stage. The motto regarding the Ukraine 
crisis, in order to come closer to the New World Order, is:
“Now or never!”

Perform Intelligence Work! 
How, where and as you can. Because you can expect 
everything from our Politics and Media whores.
Boycott every election, as long as there has not happened 
a genuine change of the system. Due to continuously newly 
appearing faces do not let yourself be fooled into a change. 
Look through the game.
Sanction the media! Cancel your newspaper subscription, 
turn off your television. Who needs the “daily news”, 
because a grain of truth escapes them as rare as an 
egg from an old laying hen? News. What for? So that 
we orient ourselves accordingly?

That we still have to pay for it, is frivolous, and escapes 
any logic, but is part of the exploitation and manipulation 
of human Beings. 

Never again World War! 

It is up to us, how it continues in this world:
Death and destruction or Light and Life?

Jahn J Kassl

Used Sources: Freeman, Kurier, Kopp, 
Salzburger Nachrichten, Internet. 

This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland,
as well as to top-level politicians in Austria.

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