13. September 2014


Israeli Elite Intelligence Unit refuses service 

In a letter sent to PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the head
of the military Moshe Jaalon, raises dust in Israel at this time: 
43 officers, soldiers, graduates of the IDF’s elite intelligence 
unit, 8200, say they will no longer report for reserve duty 
related to the Palestinian arena. “No one asks himself if the
targets we collect for the air force justify ruining the lives of 
1,5 million people,” they say. 

Political prosecution is carried out based on gained information
and the Palestinian society is divided through the solicitation of
informants. "Our consciences won't allow us," they wrote, "to 
continue to serve this system and violate the rights of millions 
of people." 

The letter was published on Friday on the ynet news site. 
The full names of the signatories were not revealed.”
(Source: ynet news, 9/12/2014)

Soldiers, who face the injustice on the front-line, 
take on, what is actually the task of our Representatives,
namely, to protect the unalienable rights of human Beings.
One needs to ask:
1.) When will Western Politicians come to the support of these
Israeli Elite soldiers and put the Zionist regime in Jerusalem in 
its place?
2.) When will Western Politicians without the use of US spectacles
look at the Ukraine and put a stop to the Nazi-Junta in Kiev, which 
rages just like Netanjahu in Israel?
3.) When will our “free and independent” Western media
claim the freedom for truth, whereby they follow the most
important principle of journalistic work: Audiatur et altera
pars – the other side must always be listened to. And:

4.) Of what do we rather need to be beware,
of our soldiers, who refuse orders, or of 
our Politicians, who give the orders?

I think the answer is obvious.

In Love

Jahn J Kassl

translated by Franz