3. September 2014


Honored Reader!

For several days the English Lichtweltportal is online. 
This fulfills all of us at the Lichtweltverlag with great joy, 
because the messages from the Lichtweltportal find an 
increasing distribution and the readership from English 
speaking regions increases continuously.

All Lichtwelt pages are now available in both languages 
and with a simple click of the flag you can switch between 
the two languages.

It is a great joy for us, that now also the gifts from the
“Heritage of Atlantis” and all light-filled products of our 
portal are offered to you in the English language, which 
substantially simplifies access.

Over time all books, which are already available in the 
German language (Print book/eBook) will also be prepared 
in the English language and will be offered as eBooks. 
As the first gift from Heaven we have published the book 
“Telos – Welcome to Agartha” and we very much look 
forward to your orders: http://www.lichtweltverlag.com/de/grobritannien-uk/angebote/e-books/telos---welcome-to-agartha/index.php 
Excerpts from this wonderful book, which go beyond 
mere reading samples, will be published shortly.

The blog is, like with the German homepage, 
also integrated into the English homepage. 
Nothing has changed here for you. No matter 
where you are, it will always be the one blog, 
just like for several months, where you find both languages.
Furthermore you have the immediate opportunity to order 
the free Lichtwelt newsletter also in the English language:
And also here we look forward to your frequent access.
In total it is a great step for the Lichtweltverlag to provide 
the extensive English speaking part of the world with knowledge, 
energy and Light from the high realms of Being.

At this point my heart-felt gratitude goes to the Lichtwelt-Team, 
which was entrusted with this implementation and spent many 
hours to find optimum solutions for certain problems. It was a 
great deal of work, foremost the technical implementation and 
the translation of all the texts into English. Today I am convinced 
that this work has been completed to the satisfaction of all of 
our readers.

Finally I would like to mention that it is a great honor for 
us to be able to do this work and once again we feel richly 
gifted, today, due to this expansion of our assignments.

We wish you, honored readers, 
much joy with this new portal!

May Heaven and your inner voice guide you exactly to the 
right page while browsing through our pages, wherefrom 
you draw the maximum benefit for your further perfection.

And foremost, may you manifest the necessary insights, 
due to this provision of Light and energy, on your very 
personal and unique path back to the Source of All-That-Is.

We convey to you these pages from the Light
In gratitude and in Love.

Your Lichtwelt-Team and Jahn J Kassl  

Besides all blog messages, all base texts of the English 
homepage were translated by Franz from German into English.