6. September 2014


Healing due to God's Grace

Out of silence God’s voice arises. 
Harken and you will become aware of it.
The silence paves the way for lovingness and leads 
you directly into the kingdom of peace.
And now silence is needed, after the ascending 
ones have done everything and after everything has been said.


We give silence the space in today’s time of God’s Grace, 
the space, which it shall claim for it, because too many 
human Beings spend time in conversations, which spare 
any necessity. Harken into eternity, harken now into your 
innermost and recognize God’s silent call, God’s soft voice 
and the request to follow me.

The Grief 
Before you inherit the kingdom of peace you encounter the 
silence. As soon as you have become calm and silent on the 
inside, once again the unresolved fears appear, which need to 
be released into the Light.
And besides different anxieties, 
which you become aware of in silence, grief appears.
The grief is a dominant sensation, a determining feeling, 
wherefrom many ascending ones were captured. Grief about 
the conditions in this world, grief about the many past companions 
along the way and the dividing lines, which stretch across your families.
And grief about leaving this world. Redeem this grief, whereby you 
accept it and live it up, whereby you feel it and sense the full pain, 
which can inhabit it.

The Lovingness 
Direct your attention fully toward it, so that lovingness, 
which follows grief, may settle in you.

Lovingness and compassion toward all Life 
are determining attributes of an ascending one. 
After the tears of grief have been shed great understanding 
arises, lovingness and compassion appear.
Qualities, which redound to any ascending one’s honor 
and this is a worthy adornment wherewith you enter into Heaven.

Your compassion, your lovingness forms the foundation, 
wherefrom the kingdom of peace develops. And in its first 
steps the silence leads the path toward it; only then can 
lovingness and compassion follow, because silence reveals 
profound insights and opens the heart for the Light.

Now end any unrest, do not speak any unnecessary words. 
Spend the days in deep inner contemplation, no matter what 
you do and where you are. 

The inner silence paves the way for any insight. 
Meaningless conversations or unnecessary words break 
the vibration of this sacred space. God reveals himself 
in you and in silence; a busy spirit is a hindrance for it. 
The path of human Beings, who return to the Source,
is, the louder it gets in this world, shaped by inner silence,  
whereby every human Being reaches the eternal kingdom of peace.
Now become aware of your own status and begin to fill your daily 
life and every moment of your life with silence, in order to return 
into the kingdom of peace of all Life. 

No words whatsoever are needed anymore, 
because the whisper from Eternity fulfills everything, 
uplifts everything and perfects you. 


Through me and in me you find perfection.
Fully put your trust in me and attain eternal Life – come.


These healings were affected by BABAJI during the Light Reading 
on 8/22/2014,and are possible at any time for every human Being, 
who decides for it from the depth of his heart.

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz