4. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Worlds are born out of nothing, Worlds fall back into nothing
- the time of miracles fulfills itself!

Beloved Ones,
The gate to the Light has been pushed wide open, 
Heaven is closer than ever before.
What changes, before everything is changed?

The perception, the access to life and the view of the world, 
these change radically in these days. The light warriors of end 
time awaken. And to awaken means, they now become aware 
of their innate power. The many different scenes, which the 
transformation of the world brings with it, very soon will not 
mean more for the ascending ones than instantaneous pictures 
from eternity; yesterday and tomorrow lose every power, 
the omnipresence of Now is the reality.

Many events, which individually appear and will appear 
on different 4D worlds, presently happen cumulatively on 
this level of awareness, the ascending planet and ascending 

This planet finds itself constanly in a “fluid” and 
“flowing” interplay of all 4D holograms, because the 
establishment of new worlds starts from this planet. 

This “super function”, whereby everything is available and everything 
that human spirit brings forth, is manifested, is halted until the end 
of time, before everything, as has already been announced to you, 
ends in an instant of time with a jolt.
Light and shadow, happiness and suffering, Love and hate 
coexist in a for human Beings oftentimes unexplainable and 
oftentimes barely retraceable manner. Like in a cage, where 
besides the lion, goats, besides the eagle, mice, besides the 
fox, hens are being held, so is this world intermixed with everything 
that ever expressed itself in this world, in order to experience itself.
This is a quality of end time, which is described here, because 
before tiger and goat drink from then same spring, the existing 
springs must dry out and new springs must be created, which 
satisfy hunger and thirst equally and quench all life.

Mankind fulfills itself in these days, the worlds part and are 
led to each other. The end of the time, wherein the mulitude 
of human dramas on this level could befall, is foreseeable.

Silence and peace are coming
– and settle down permanently in you and in this world,

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