29. September 2014


Messages by Asana Mahatari and Sananda

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Dream: I am in a house with my “favorite cousin” and with my 
brother Karl. We seem to be living together there, and the house is 
not yet totally finished. I look out of the window and see that it 
begins to rain while from the distance a great storm approaches. 
Suddenly hail of shells, the size of a soccer ball, fall from the sky 
and they destroy everything that they hit. Our house remains nearly undamaged, only two windows break. After the spook is over, I see 
that Karl was deeply and soundly asleep and did not notice anything 
about it. I wake up. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,

This dream picture states that the change has reached this 
your reality. The “favorite cousin” points to this closeness and 
that Karl sleeps deeply and calmly shows that nothing or anybody 
can harm the ascending ones.
Yet the world, as you have known it so far and know it, 
will and must go down before it can blossom again.
A self-explanatory dream, which shows that after all levels of 
the 4D world have already been captured by the change of the 
planet, now also this your level of experience is touched by it. 
The game has truly ended.
The “impacts” come closer and closer and what happens on the 
geopolitical stage at this time is part of this great game, which 
will be ended abruptly and suddenly.
Heaven knows the light warriors of the first and last hours by name. 
And these human Beings enter into the Light and taste neither 
suffering nor death.

Heaven also knows the nameless, which will be shaken up 
by the rough-and-tumble of this time, before they die away, 
in order to become new and in order to resurrect. 

Report I: The day before this dream picture, for hours I was haunted 
by inner images, which showed this world destroyed and human
Beings were subjected to infinite suffering...(End of report)

This view describes the reality on this level, after the ascending 
ones have arrived in Heaven and the remaining ones will be 
confronted with the results of their choice. In both scenes,
it deals with this your level of awareness, this your world. 

The planetary transformation 
has captured this level.  
Keep yourself ready and be prepared.

I am that I am
I am among you

Well be who now knows whose child he is,
Well be who now knows his place,
Well be who has fully entrusted himself to God;
And well be who has rejected the illusion of transience,
And who has accepted his reality in God as the All-One-Truth.
Well be you, who have chosen Love,
Have attained Life and have claimed the Light.

I am

Report II: Immediately after writing down this message, 
I travel with my motor scooter on the Autobahn, as I see a 
freshly killed small deer. The eyes are wide open, frozen, 
the neck half severed and fresh blood still dripping… 

Interpretation JJK: The deer represents the inner guide, 
which wants to bring human Beings back to the right path 
and represents the relationship of a human Being to himself. 
Here representative for all those human Beings, who do not 
wish to be brought back to the right path and who refuse to 
heal their “inner child”, their Being. 
Therefore the deer is killed by this transitory world, so that 
human Beings do not have to confront their misbehavior and 
do not have to face themselves. The time reflection of the 
remaining world, the deer has no place in it. 
(End of interpretation) 

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