5. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

I am that,

Everything is through me; everything is in me, 
and from me flows the living stream of Love, 
the never dying source of Grace and eternal Life.
I am the one, who holds and carries you, as you get tired, 
I am the one, who is with you in every hour,
I am the one, who knows the human hearts, 
who guides the human souls and imperceptibly 
steers the paths of human Beings – until all have 
found into the Light. I am the one, who has decreed 
the great time of God’s Grace, because I am All-That-Is.

Beloved Ones!

Let us now overdo it, in order to turn the events of this time 
of Grace toward the divine Light, lift the veils there, where 
they cover the look at the truth, and let us devote ourselves 
now toward the river of the Creator, as it has been and it is 
at all times and far from any limitations, which this world 
and you human Beings had to experience.

The great changeovers and upheavals are truly ongoing 
for some time. The heavenly bodies change their positions 
or die in an instance, new stars develop, new worlds are 
born and in the center of this event is this world and the 
human Being, who has selected this world, the ascension 
planet of the Light, for his growth.
Old, mature, knowing souls, liberated from Karma, 
matured into divine Love, inhabit this earth, and this 
until the end of time. Now at the end of time the farewell 
Master of this world is being strengthened by me, yet the 
farewell of the “Great Ones” will fulfill itself in the very 
last sequence of this ascension.

The „Great Ones“ 
Who are the “Great Ones”, whose ancestry are 
they and where did they come from to this world?

Heaven has made the provisions so that this ascension fulfills. 
Fulfilled despite all rearrangements, efforts and adversities, 
which were to be expected.
Therefore not only old and matured souls were sent to this world, 
but Creator Gods, who work in many worlds, who have created 
many of these worlds themselves and in a relatively short incarnation 
cycle on this earth have absorbed into their Being all experiences of 
the limitations of this world. These Beings tower above many old 
souls in strength and orientation, in Light and realized Love, 
because something else is reserved for the old souls, which 
later on I will reveal to you.

The “Great Ones” have decided to come to this earth, 
take on a human body and to “endure” a life as a human 
Being among human Beings, because truly: for these souls 
this service is the coronation of all experiences, because 
who is aware of his limitless power of Creation and yet is 
in service in this limited world, adds new dimensions to his 
consciousness and truly ascends to God after the work is done, 
and enters into the Source of All-That-Is.

The “Great Ones” are characterized by the following distinctions:
1.) They experience the difficulties and the 
limitations of this level as extremely painful.
2.) They absolutely cannot get something out of this 
life of limitations – in temporary happiness or in 
temporary misfortune.
3.) They know exactly about their assignments and 
they fulfill these in unique dedication to the Source of All-That-Is.
4.) They love, and their Love is not of this world; 
far from mercy, pure loving compassion for all life. 
They love like a clear spring that innocently seeks 
a path to the valley and thereby in love accepts 
every rock and every hindrance and integrates into 
the further course of the river.
5.) They see the destiny of this mankind and the fate 
of this world in front of their inner eye, and despite this 
inevitability the Great Ones know the deeper context, 
the meaning and the logic of all life. 

The „Great Ones“ were the first ones in 
this world and will be the last ones to leave this world. 

Long after the old souls were carried away and 
after they have attained enlightenment.
And the “Great Ones” are the ones, who, together 
with many forces from the invisible world, maintain 
the balance on this earth in the last phase of this transformation, 
so that if fulfills, what has been heralded to you.
This service describes the part of divine Grace, which flows 
directly from these souls to mankind. It is the grace of human 
Beings for human Beings, equally divine and humanly, 
unlimited and yet transferred through the limited world 
of mankind.

Old Souls 
The assignments of most of the old souls in this world 
are finished, yet there is still much to do for this world. 
This means that after one’s own perfection further fields 
of Grace will be given, and from the for this world invisible 
realm they will contribute to the growth of this and many 
other worlds. Nobody can assist a process of purification 
as well as a matured and perfected soul, which has 
passed through the lowlands of vibration.

Yet many of these souls have fulfilled their part for 
this time due to many experiences and mostly due to 
very long incarnation cycles, and now they are being 
prepared for the role of an unlimited Creator God, a role, 
which the “Great Ones” have already completely integrated 
into their consciousness and are fully aware of it.

Therein these old souls distinguish themselves from 
the souls of the “Great Ones”, and yet there is nothing 
that separates this level of Love; after all both groups 
are joined through their all-knowing, through their all-love 
and through the unalterable will, to fulfill their assignments 
in this world to the hour of truth.

Seeing through and Changing 
Decades ago this world began to purposefully turn toward
the Light and the light warriors of the first and last hours, 
all of them old souls and some of them as the “Great Ones”, 
awakened to their assignments. Since then this world has 
already been decisively and irreversibly changed. 
The transformation is obvious and in these days 
reaches a new dimension.
The greatest challenge consisted of maintaining 
the inner connection and inner orientation toward 
the Source of All-That-Is under all circumstances, 
not to let one be confused, in order not go astray. 
Because the dark power of this space-time faced this 
decision of mankind, which has chosen the ascension, 
with every possible resistance, thereby used any means 
and foremost insidiousness.

Electro-magnetic fields were utilized in order to create 
vibration patterns, which enslave mankind and consequently 
keep them in the low vibration of fear. And  
fear blocks everything, while Love maintains 
everything flowing and alive. 

The manipulations of mankind truly reached planetary proportions 
and therefore every human Being was extremely challenged and 
in every respect was confronted, day for day, with unbearable 
realities of space-time, which 
a.) Need to be seen through and
b.) Need to be changed.

And you, who we are talking about here, 
have done this, and still more, still much more.

The New Reality exists! 
You are also in the process to continue to change this reality 
in every moment! Even if this reality still seems to be of little 
attraction to you, you change this one during every second and 
for the benefit of this world! 
You are the actual builders of the new world, 
because you create a new world due to your light-filled impulses. 
For a long time this fact is familiar to you, yet what you tend to 
underestimate is the fact that you have already succeeded to 
create a new reality – already for a long time.
Meaning that this virtual reality, which actually still reaches 
you in this world through different and area-wide manipulation 
mechanisms, is in a parallel world, which has nothing to do with 
the new world, which is already anchored in you and in the galaxy.

Imagine a stage and the auditorium.
While on the stage, visible to all viewers, the play is being 
performed; the auditorium is deprived of the fact that behind 
the stage a new scene is being prepared. And as soon as the 
curtain is lowered for a moment, in order to be raised again, 
just like out of nothing a new scene is presented, and visible 
to all. And this is the instance, wherein the old scene is forgotten.

A lite and very transparent veil separates the two worlds: 
The light-filled world, which you have already created and 
only waits to become the sole stage, and from the light-starving 
world, which now completes the last act on the stage, which it 
seemed to control. 

It is important to understand that you have already 
created and built the new world and nor yet do you 
have to create it! 

Because your planetary work in this area is done, 
and this means that you as master-builders have 
built this new world.

As it has been announced to you, until your eventual 
transfiguration, there is yet “still much to do”, this means 
to keep your energy garment clean, to continue your 
purification work of your Being unimpressed by the “shifts” 
in time and to remove any energy interfering in a disallowed 

Why is this already built world still not visible?
Because every illusion is held as long until it is replaced by 
reality. And in this case it also involves a cosmic event. 
The “turning of the stage” means the magnetic change 
of the living Mother of all life, above becomes below 
and the sun rises in the west.

This moment of God’s Grace makes apparent, 
what the “Great Ones” and the “Old Souls” have 
created; let the world resurrect and let you celebrate 
the arrival in the crystal cities of this and other worlds.

Joy and blessings expect you in these upcoming days.

Thereby we come to the end of this first part of the joyous 
message, which describes this unique time of Grace for mankind.

The new world is ready, while the old world is pushed into 
the backstage. And the turning and focal point of this moment 
in time are the “Great Ones”, who, vigilant until the last sequence 
and unimpressed by the snap-shots of time, pave the way for the 
dissolution of this temporary world, and for the new world prepare 
the path for its appearance.

The Nature of Grace 
This Grace seeks its equal in Creation, and thereby the 
divine Grace fulfills itself in and through human Beings, 
which is: To create for all life the perfect conditions for growth!
Therein divine Grace is expressed.
Therefore Grace is not only the miracle, 
which happens when you least expect it, but 
Grace is God’s mandate to offer to all life exactly 
the conditions for its growth, which it also needs for its growth.  
And the high souls in this world do it likewise to this divine Grace, 
because by passing through the world of illusions on human legs, 
they enable growth due to their Love, and the “Great Ones” and 
God offer this to unconscious human Beings until the end of time.
Great dedication and unconditional Love makes this possible, 
and you light warriors of the first and last hours, you, who 
are the “Old Souls”, are filled with it. 
The time of upheavals is over for those, 
who have attained clarity in self, have 
created life and have established love. 

Behind the veil the divine Light visibly breaks 
through and it penetrates all levels.
The new world reveals itself, which was created by 
you and was breathed into reality; perfected and 
ready in order to separate from this galaxy and enter 
into the Light.
With you, who have fulfilled, who were 
selected, with you, who have arrived.

To understand the Now 
Who understands the Now has understood everything, 
who is deprived of the Now, can barely interpret the 
events in this world.

Because in the understanding or simultaneity of all life 
and all your lives lies the key for this as well as for all 
times and beyond that. Eternity has neither beginning 
nor end and you return there, because you yourself have 
neither beginning nor end.

Those, who know it, are blessed, because until the last 
of all days they wring deep meaning from this world. 
Ascension and descent of many worlds occur in the Now. 
Once you have recognized this, the waiting for ascension 
ends, because it ends in the Now.

Have you understood my child?

How much I love you.

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