28. September 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The great wind brings the great turnaround, in the great game. 
Infinite were, are and will be the opportunities for all human Beings, 
because truly: The last accord in this world sounds for the fewest 
human Beings in this world.


This world has no more power over you, who are stepping 
into the Light temples far from space-time, this time can no 
longer do anything to you, who are inheriting the crystalline 
worlds of the Creator; and the events becoming more and more 
distinct are passing in front of you, who attain perfection, like 
an image from another world.

Before suffering is taken from you, before you have attainted 
fulfillment on all levels, before you arrive and ascend, new support 
columns for these still unredeemed worlds will be left behind
– the support columns of your love.
And this process has been going on for months, for years has been 
part of your inner knowledge and since you have entered into this 
world for the first time, have been part of your contracts for the end 
time. Each one, wherever he is, there, where he stands and in the 
role for which God has chosen him.
Each one of the ascending ones in its unique guardianship for 
this world; as a carrier of knowledge and truth for all of mankind.

Everything is cared for!

Each life on the last day of this time will be 
exactly there, where it is supposed to be.
Because those, who dispose of a healed soul will be guided, 
due to the knowledge of their souls, to the place, where they 
are expected by Heaven, and those, who do without their soul, 
because they neither serve the Light nor God, due to a wink from 
the Creator, will experience the end of time and their own new 
beginning. And the Angels will also expect these creatures and 
in death new life will be breathed into them.

Heritage of the Ascending Ones 
The heavenly adjustments for this last 
day ofmankind have been finished. 
Now it is necessary to leave the heritage of the 
ascending ones in the worlds behind and to anchor 
this heritage deep in the matrix of many 4D worlds. 
The time, wherein the great Masters of this world 
walk through the Light portals, has come, because 
their work has been finished. This brings the events in 
this world to the crowning conclusion, which means a festivity 
of joy in God’s presence for the ones, and for the others it 
becomes stocktaking for their still imperfect Being.

Everything what has been revealed to you occurs and everything 
occurs – now. It no longer requires interpretation, because the 
facts are on the table and the proclamations are nearly complete.

The potentials for redemption, which the ascending ones leave
behind for the remaining worlds due to the anchoring of their Light, 
is a gift, which these levels can only gradually become aware of. 
You, the Ascended Masters of the new time, will guide these 
populations of the 4D worlds, the human Beings and the creatures 
of the existing space-time, to that.

Babaji is omnipresence,
Babaji is Life,
Babaji is Love.

Each one, who entrusts in me, 
inherits eternal Life in God, who I am,


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